Russia Is Beginning Their Last Week Of Boot Camp

HAPPY CANADA DAY!! The Russia team, and all the Super Boot Camp teams, has passed the half way point in our training. We have finished our drama training, we’ll start our advanced evangelism training this afternoon, and our construction, music and puppet classes continue as well. We will also have an hour to learn all about the Old Testament Tabernacle in the wilderness – instruction at the small model inside, then we’ll go outside to the life-size replica. We have had rain, and many of the team members’ tents are wet to one degree or another. We have three more days to run the Obstacle course, one more scheduled day of KP, and we commission on July 6.
We continue to have mostly hot weather, and yesterday, we also got quite a bit of rain including some heavy downpours.
Team members continue to respond to the invitation in the rallies, we are so thankful they have hearts and spirits that are sensitive to God.
I think our most outstanding experience was winning the Godliness award on Saturday, earning a swim in the pool on Sunday afternoon. I don’t think I exaggerate when I say that probably none of our team ever appreciated a swim in the pool as much as they did on Sunday afternoon.
Kaitlyn Reed – God is really working ihere at Boot Camp. Right now He’s teaching me how to love others with His love. I tend to be judgmental but He is helping me with that. One of the sermons here really touched my heart (in a convicting way) because it talked about  the verse where you need to firgive others if you want God to forgive you.
Morgan McGowan – We have all had an amazing first week of Boot Camp. Our team has gotten really close and God has really been moving in the lives of our team members. We had a lot of rain yesterday for the first time and several people had flooded tents, but were all drying out today and everyones in a much better mood. 🙂  God is going to do an amazing work in us this summer and I can’t wait to see it.”

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