Scotland Accomplished A Lot In Just A Week

Scotland 6:25 -3

Our first week in Scotland is over and despite all efforts to stay here, it appears that we will be coming home to the States after all. Our team, upon entering the UK, was told we did not hold the needed visas and were denied entry. Despite that, we were given until the first of July to enjoy Scotland before reporting back to be the airport. We continued from Glasgow up to the Windmill Center, in the lovely coastal town of Arbroath, where we commenced immediately on our work project helping them get ready for their summer groups which started arriving this Saturday. Our teams spirits held high and positive and we we able to accomplish a great deal in our short visit. While at the Center, we helped to redo some much needed landscaping, scrape and paint several interior areas as well as the front ground level windows and porch area. We also worked to help chip prepare an ancient wall surrounding the Center for repointing/grouting. Our team had daily opportunities to visit Arbroath where we were able to sample local delicacies like the famous Smokies ( smoked haddock) fish and chips and the teams favorite, Scottish ice cream. They all even tried haggis for which I was very impressed. On Tuesday and Wednesday nights, our team witnessed and helped run a soup truck for a local ministry in the city of Dundee where we had the opportunity to share the gospel and a hot meal with those afflicted by drug addiction and living on the streets. We also were able to share some time with two young men we met while touring a local beach front park named Colin and Chris. We took the two of them to coffee and spent several hours sharing why were here in Scotland and about Jesus. On Friday we finished our work projects and got ready to depart back to Glasgow where we have been hosted by another youth camp near Glasgow airport in Erskine. Our hosts have been very gracious and while here had a chance to join them at their home church and worship with our Scottish brothers and sisters. Please pray for the encouragement of our team and we overcome any disappointment from having to leave early to be reassigned. Also pray for our safety as we travel back to the states.



  1. I am soo glad to hear this! You people have a lot of prayers to support you. It’s admirable the way everyone is able to be so happy, yet knowing that you have to leave so soon, and also in that you were able to accomplish as much as you did!

    And, echoing Miss Renee, it’s so obvious God has an amazing plan for you guys, and I can’t wait to hear about it!

  2. This is no surprise to God, and we may never know the reason. He has a plan for everything that happens, and I take great comfort in knowing that He is in control of every situation. Praying for the teams safety, and what is to come for them in the weeks to come.

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