South Africa Is Settling Into Boot Camp

South Africa

Greetings from the Lord’s Boot Camp!

Team South Africa is getting into a routine here at Boot Camp. We begin every morning with the Obstacle Course. All the team members really enjoy running the OC; especially getting the chance to work together to get everyone over the Wall. Today we had 12 team members get over the Wall, which is the most we have had so far. After the OC we have breakfast, personal devotion time, and Basic Bible and Basic Control classes. Today Trevor Capener informed me that Basic Bible was his favorite class “as he was able to feel the Bible really come alive.” The rest of the day is spent in classes that teach many things from painting, puppets and music to concrete, digging, blocklaying, and painting. The team members are truly learning a lot in these classes and they are becoming quite a cohesive unit. Everyone on our team is looking forward to commissioning in 5 days!

Gabrielle Voorhies – At Boot Camp it can be hard sometimes, but the Lord is showing me that He can help me with everything; like it says in Philippians 4:13 ‘I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.’ I am also learning that the hard things in life build character.

Aliza Johns – Boot Camp is really fun. South Africa is having a blast getting to know each other and enjoy the pool, music and rallies together. It is kind of hot and sweaty here but we are having a good time.


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