The Arizona Team Is Loving Boot Camp!

We have 12 girls and 2 boys and wow, are they fun!  The first few days were tough because the girls were very emotional and missing home.  We have seen God do a mighty work in these same girls as the days progress.  They have run the Obstacle Course (OC) several times and a few of them have fallen in the Slough and got completely soaked. On the second day, we got two of the kids over the Wall.  We were all so excited!  Faith L. is the one that I have seen the biggest turn around in her attitude.  All the leaders are so proud of her.  Everyone has fallen in love with Ester L….she is so cute and has such a sweet personality that even leaders on other teams just want to give her a squeeze.  The team has learned how to do laundry and how to get themselves clean with just a bucket of water. They won the “clean” award last night and got to spend time in the pool today.  Every day that goes by, the kids and the leaders get more excited about heading to Arizona!  Keep praying God is doing great things in our team!
Hi! Hello!  What’s up?  Hola interwebs.  One of our leaders asked me to write about my first five days of Boot Camp.  So, at first I was super homesick.  I missed my family! (Hi family!) I wanted to go home, no matter the cost.  That lasted until Friday.  Don’t get me wrong, I still miss everyone a lot.  I just realized that my homesickness was keeping me from enjoying myself.  Even though I still miss them, I get to have fun with my team. Last night we got to do a Teen Missions version of the Cup song! Everyone did the cup part and I got to sing.  We got to swim in the pool today and now we are hanging out under the Big Top because it is storming.  I guess the point is to just enjoy whatever you are doing! Faith L. Age 12 Arizona
Hey!  I’m looking around and it is raining and thundering.  My name is Hannah F. and I am at the Lord’s Boot Camp.  At first I thought it was a little shady at Boot Camp.  5:30am – 9:3pm days, showers every other day and bucket flushing!  Tomorrow will be my fifth day and I am finally getting used to the schedule.  I also am more appreciative of unnecessary things.  God is good, and even here we are blessed with toilets and tents when other people around the world don’t even have that!  God bless! Hannah F.


  1. Hey there everyone! We are so glad to hear that you all are doing well. We do miss you all but we know that this is a great thing that you are doing. You all have fun and we can’t wait to hear your stories when you get home. You are making life long friends.

  2. Miss our Bella terribly! Pray she’s doing great! Awesome to read news of the girls!

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