The Indiana Team Is Commissioning Early


The Indiana Team has had some exciting news this week. Due to unforeseen circumstances, the Scotland Team (Early Boot Camp) will be riding on the bus with us up to Indiana. We are excited about having the blessing of getting to know their team members and leaders. And although we will be sharing living accommodations with them, we will still be operating as two separate teams. So, we get the best of both worlds. We get to interact with them during meal times, but also have the opportunity to work as a team as we share at the county fairs in the evenings.

Because of this change, our team will be Commissioning on Thursday, July 4, instead of Saturday when all the other teams will be commissioned. So, prayers would be appreciated for us on Thursday as we will be taking down our tent site and packing the bus. Our current plan is to begin driving early Friday morning. We will overnight along the way and Lord willing, we will arrive in Evansville in the early afternoon on Saturday.

Please pray for us these next few days that we will remember all of the many little details we have to take care of since we are leaving early. May the Lord bless you.

Skylar Miller – The sermon the other night really hit me in the heart. The Obstacle Course is still fun and I have not fallen in the Slough yet.

Mickensy Kranch – Hey Guys, I wanted to let you know that my perspective of Boot Camp has changed. Now that the days are going down, things are starting to be understandable. Our team has been working together as a family. It is fun! The only part I don’t like is when it rains our tents get wet, but other than that I am finding Boot Camp fun.

Logan Wolbert – So far Boot Camp is “fine”. It gets a little better every day that I’m here, but I’m ready to go out onto the field where it will be more exciting and fun. All of my team members and I are getting along pretty good and I’m trying to make the best of Boot Camp. If you’re thinking about coming, but you have a doubt that it may be too hard, don’t worry. It will be find and everyone here is motivational and very nice.


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