The Philippines Team At Boot Camp


The Philippines team is doing great! On Friday we won Brainstorming so we were able to swim in the pool the next day.We have done much better in the “Piggy” department and tied for third place on Saturday. We also did well in the OC with getting 17 people through the course in the time allotted. The team is working really well together.  Every time we run it, those who are finished early, go back and cheer on the rest of the team.  We received the Godliness Award for doing this. Hope it clears up so we can enjoy the pool!

Sunday has been a little more relaxing, though busy. We had a wonderful church service then enjoyed a BBQ chicken dinner! The afternoon was filed with memorizing verses, writing letters home, changing tent partners and taking up the offering. We were able to go through the Teen Missions Display Room and see all the ministries and what the Lord is doing.

Today, (Monday) is Canada Day and we have two Canadians on our team. It is hard to believe that in less than a week, we will be commissioning! We do not go out Commissioning night so we will be helping by taking up the plywood in Big Top #1, then we will be packing up. We fly out of Orlando on the morning of July 8 and will have close to three days travel to get to the Philippines. We are excited!

Laura Humes – I came to Boot Camp for the first time in 2011. I had several close family members who had been before who had told me a lot about it, so I thought I knew what to expect. I realized very quickly that I didn’t. It was hot. I sweat all day, we got up early, I was forced to get to know people who I had never laid eyes on. But most importantly, I was forced to rely on God more than I ever had before. On a regular day basis, as Americans, in our comfort zones, we often aren’t forced to rely on God for everything. At Boot Camp we are. At Boot Camp He is our help, our strength, and our refuge. During Boot Camp I grew closer to Christ. He became more real to me than ever before. Now, I am back at Boot Camp and I am continuing to grow closer to Christ and rely on Him completely.

Elizabeth (Kat) Weidknech – Through my time in Boot Camp, I have found that my team and my God are faithful. They have been my support system over the last week.

Rachel Profio – Hello, I am Rachel Profio from San Jose, CA on the Philippines team. Boot Camp is a challenging place, but it’s the good kind of challenging. Boot Camp challenges me to be a true Christian, to fully trust God in circumstances, and to not do things on my own. I feel like I have learned more about God here at Boot Camp and I have definitely grown closer to Him during devotions and rallies. Boo Camp is a fun place and I enjoy everything about it. I am very excited to go to the Philippines and be a blessing to them nd share my faith with the people.


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