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13003 Honduras
One week ago, we would have never guessed that we would have the privileged of witnessing 519 kids and adults accept Jesus Christ as the Lord and Savior in just six days! I am always blown away how we as believers can be used to further His kingdom. By our words and our actions, we have been obedient to God’s calling on our lives. Each team member has witnessed first hand what the simple proclamation of the Gospel can do. They have witnessed the power of God’s Word and what showing the love of Christ can do.
On Saturday we went with the Bible school students to do ministry at a local church. At the very beginning while the team was walking up and down the streets getting kids to the church, an old lady, probably in her 90’s, came walking up with a cane and a teenager guiding her because she was blind. She sat there during the whole service listening to our presentation and when the Gospel was presented and an alter call was made, she frantically grabbed for someone to take her up. I looked at the desperation in her face and my heart was filled with joy. She was craving a relationship with Christ and didn’t want to miss this opportunity. A Bible school student walked over to her and helped her up and walked her over. I don’t think many people witnessed this scene because 30 other people were making their way up to the front. I was so excited that God had allowed me to see this because it spoke intimately to me. We were not logistically supposed to be there that day. We only went because we had a cancellation. I believe I was the witness to the end of battle raging on for 90 years for this woman’s soul. New life at the age of 90 is a beautiful thing to witness.
This coming week we will be at the base working on the renovation of some of the housing. We tore down the roof and the trusses today and worked on the steel reinforcement for the beam we will be pouring to support the bigger trusses we are putting in. All the kids worked hard and seemed to enjoy working with their hands.
We would like prayer for a young boy named Asai. On Thursday when we were playing soccer Asai and one of our team members both struck the ball at the same time and the end result for Asai was a broken ankle. We took him to the hospital and payed for his medical bills and had the opportunity to see him on Sunday as a whole team.  We prayed for him and all signed his cast.
I want to leave you with updates from two of our team members.  May the Lord bless you.
Charlotte Green – God is amazing. Did you know that? He can drastically change your perspective in the blink of an eye! Almost three weeks ago, I incessantly whined about my Droid Razr not working. I now sincerely miss Walmart and hot running showers. Coming on this mission trip to Honduras was a huge blessing! It has made me realize how blessed I am back home. It also gave me new blessings in the form of friends and the chance to spread His Word. But the biggest blessing of all was getting the privilege to watch over 150 people accept Jesus Christ into their hearts. Praise the Lord and be thankful!
Max Coffey – Our 30-minute presentation is working really well. Over a hundred kids have come to know the Lord since we’ve been here. The kids love the soccer games we put on. It is a great way for our team to be friendly to them, even though they can beat us really bad. Our tough training at Boot Camp has really paid off. The love of God has been shared and accepted here in Honduras.





  1. I was so very happy to see this. I did not know about these reports being here. I really needed to see the comment from Charlotte. It has really eased my mind and filled my heart with joy at a time when I truly needed it. As Charlotte said Praise the Lord and be thankful!!

  2. Sitting at home reading your updates, feeling so proud of you. Each and everyone of you are there for a reason. The Lord is blessing you as you bless others. Prayers for all 🙂

  3. So happy to hear the reports! You guys are doing an amazing job there of spreading God’s love there in Honduras! Keep up the good work and be safe! Jan (Hannah Ott’s, mom)

  4. Your never to young to truly know Christ. Great job team.

  5. I’m humbled and in awe….and I’m not even there. I am so thankful for each member of this team and their willingness to simply be used by the Lord. And for that one of my own….Go Bubba! Praying that the extraordinary will continue to be your experience as you let Him use you….just as you are….to share His glory with the people of Honduras.

  6. Hallelujah! Glory to God!

  7. So proud of you all! Prayers from Texas for all of you:)

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