Italy Is Ready To Begin Hiking

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It has been a great week at Cristo e la Risposta! The team was sad as we parted this morning. They are excited about the Alps, but sad to leave their many new friends. The team at Cristo e la Risposta was also sad to see us leave and many said we brought new life to their team.

We evangelized every day since the last report except for Sunday. We split up and went to several different churches around Florence to fellowship with local Believers. In the afternoon we all went on a walking tour of Florence with Ruth.

Today as we traveled north, we stopped in Pisa for lunch before catching the next train for Genoa. The team is spending the night at a campground that is walking distance from the beach while recovering from their first full day with fully loaded packs.

There was a flu going around the camp in Florence, but praise God it has only affected two from our team, JP and Rae. But they both seem to be fine now after 24hrs of misery.





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  1. Adrienne Marcy

    So glad to hear they are on their way, and sorry to hear of the flu — hope JP and Rachel (Rae) are both doing better now. Praying for continued recovery for them, continued health for the rest of the team. Praying for opportunities to share the gospel with other hikers and others that they meet. Praying for God-ordained “chance” meetings with those who need to hear the good news!

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