Zambia’s Adventures Continue

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Since our last team report, the Zambia bridge-building team has traveled from the Teen Missions Base in Ndola to Redeemer AIDS Orphan Rescue Unit six hours away. We all rode in the back of a stake truck with benches and the kids enjoyed the long, bumpy ride out into the bush. The AIDS Orphan Unit is a place where almost 150 children come to school every day. The two facilitators will welcome the help as our team members will all have the chance to help teach the orphans for at least one day. Gwen and Joy played games and gave treats to the young children that came to the base today. All of our team members were given a Wordless Bracelet and challenged to share the Gospel with someone. The KP team of Ethan, Laura, Gwen, and Joy shared the gospel with a group of about 35 while giving them bracelets.

The team was able to start the bridge project on Saturday and we were amazed at what they got done in eight hours. It takes about ten minutes to reach the project site by foot. During the rainy season, the two to three foot creek floods, making it impossible for vehicles or children to cross. The team labored to clear brush, trees, and logs out to build the bridge. Lauren, Isabelle, and Fiona donned rubber boots and waded into the stream to pull out logs. Today, team members are digging a trench to get ready to divert the stream. Next they will be filling up sandbags to help re-route the water.

Claire has thoroughly enjoyed the difficult physical labor, as has the rest of the team. They have had good attitudes and are working hard despite a cold virus that has hit virtually everyone. Minor scrapes, blisters, bruises, and sunburns have not stopped our team.

Sunday, we rode in the back of a truck in our nice clothes for about 45 minutes to a small village church. The kids were amazed at how the Africans praised the Lord. Our team was able to perform their presentation at the church, as well. The service lasted three hours and then we went for cold sodas in town.

Evening devotions around the campfire have given the team members a chance to share with the rest of the team what God is doing in their life. Andy led the team through a great study two nights ago and Ty shared his testimony last night. Campfire devotions are always a special time to gather as a group to pray for each other, learn together, and see the amazing ways God works in each person’s life.



  1. It’s wonderful to hear about the love and joy and energy God has put into each person on the Zambia team. Special love to Fiona. We are praying for you all!

  2. Clay and Teresa Sterrett

    What a wonderful opportunity to share the love of Christ! We are keeping the team in our prayers! Ty, ….we know your testimony was a blessing to hear. So proud of you!
    With our prayers and our love,
    Clay and Teresa

  3. Praying for the team and especially our grandson, Ty. Praise God for this opportunity to serve.

  4. It is so inspiring to hear all that you have accomplished already in a short amount of time. That’s true “teamwork”!!
    We love you all and are praying for you as you grow closer to each other and to our Lord Jesus Christ!

  5. Praise God for his work in lives…praying for Team Zambia!

  6. This speaks for all “The Grandmom’s”
    I am so grateful for the Lords Blessings in and on my life. May the Lord keep moving in all of your lifes, may He keep you safe on this journey. May the Lord shine through each and every one of you. AMEN
    I love you Cambrie

  7. Extremely proud of Team Zambia! Keep up the great work for The Lord.

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