Australia Is Ready To Go

So as we started this last week we had a mixture of feelings. The excitement of counting down the last days mixed with the exhaustion that Boot Camp produces. Luckily, as the Australia team, we have dorms and warm showers to look forward to in just a few short (well probably long actually) days. Our team has been up and down these past three days since the last report all around. We may go from being excited to miserable, to happy to sad. We also were able to go from first to last in cleanliness. We won cleanliness on Monday night, but were only able to swim for 30 minutes before lightning was spotted. Then Tuesday night and last night we won piggy and will have spent the last two days cleaning the bathrooms. However, while cleaning yesterday, we practiced music and sang for the Lord. I found this encouraging as a leader. Our team doesn’t particularly care for puppets class and is often unenthusiastic during the choreography section. However, yesterday they put some smiles on and truly gave a great effort, making me and the other leaders very proud. We were all rejoicing yesterday as that was the last time we had to run the OC!!
This morning was an early morning (5am), in order to report for kitchen duty by 5:30. We will help serve each meal on this lovely Independence Day, including the hamburgers and watermelon which we will have tonight. At Rapture Practice, TMI set off some noisemakers and very mild fireworks. Today is also exciting as it is our last day of classes and tomorrow will begin the packing process.
The kids have been doing well. Lizzy Anderson continues to be a great helper and hard worker. Despite being homesick, she continues to smile and is a real encouragement to me. Elijah Henry let it slip that he was my prayer partner, and his first encouraging note to me was wonderful and very encouraging. He is also a hard worker and I have enjoyed getting to know him so far as I sit next to him at rally. Emily Howe has also been a great positive influence as she is one of the few people you will ever met who truly likes Boot Camp as well as the Obstacle Course. She is also an incredibly hard worker. Well this is it from the USA, next time you hear from me we will be in Australia!
Elijah Henry – Boot Camp can be fun at times. One of the most fun things to do is wake up at 6 o’clock in the morning and run the Obstacle Course. Also, you get to swim in a wonderful pool when you win awards, such as brainstorming, cleanliness, and godliness. The food can be really good sometimes, and the dessert is usually the best part of the meal. The classes are fun as well. You can express yourself in drama and music, but can also learn construction in the block laying, carpentry, truss, and concrete classes. A lot of the things that you learn here will help you in life. Boot Camp is a great challenge, but once you get through it you feel great.

Hannah Jenkins – It’s a little easier being a second-year team member at Teen Missions, and I’ll admit I enjoy bossing everyone around. For those who are having a tough time here, I’m always the first to respond, and it’s so nice being able to help others out. The only output I have to share is that we just need to work together as a team and every little thing’s gonna be alright.




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  1. Praying for all of you. Hoping the flight to Australia was uneventful and it s less humid & buggy when you arrive there!

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