Belize At Boot Camp

Praise The Lord! We are having a very exciting Boot Camp. The team is really great, the team is working very well together. So far, we have received the “Cleanliness Award” and the “Godliness Award”. Also for the Preteens, we have won 1st place on the Obstacle Course, 1st place in “Run from the Devil” and 1st place in “Brainstorming”. Then we got the “Piggy Award”.
The team is growing in maturity and in their Christian walk. We have had several Preteens come to the Lord. As with all kids, we have some that are struggling, but we have several kids willing to help and encourage the ones that are struggling through Boot Camp.
Evan Atkinson – Hi. Boot Camp is awesome. Everything is good, except SB’s (Special Blessings). Boot Camp has changed my life.\
Tori Kramer – Boot Camp has really changed my life and me in so many different ways. I have more faith and it has pushed me more than ever. I’ve come so far and hope to get farther.




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