Haiti Is Celebrating The Fourth

15 Haiti
Happy Fourth of July! Our Independence Day morning began with a literal “BANG” when a few fireworks were set off during the “Rapture Report”–a 6:00 a.m. gathering of all the teams at currently at Boot Camp. The team is looking forward to traditional Fourth of July meal of grilled burgers and cold watermelon for dinner tonight!

Today is the last day of regular Boot Camp training–and the last day of running the Obstacle Course–two facts that has set the team rejoicing. With rain coming on and off over the last few days, the team has slogged through some mud, but the sun is shining today, and we are praying that sunshine continues for the next few days as we pack up Boot Camp as well as our team luggage. The team members are especially praying for sunshine so it will dry out the clothes hanging on the clotheslines. Packing up wet clothes is not a pleasant experience!
Although a couple people have come down with a slight cold and bug bites and blisters are still making some of the team uncomfortable, the team’s spirits are high, as evidenced by the great team cheer we did last night at the evening rally. (Actually, we were the ONLY team to have a cheer last night!) The team has gotten into the great habit of praying for and encouraging each other.
We have only a few more days before we head out for Haiti!
Sam Mikula – This year, I’ve learned to work together on the Obstacle Course with my team members. My past years’ experiences of the OC were horrible; none of my team members worked together, which was frustrating. But this year has been even more of a challenge for us to work together, but we’re actually getting through Boot Camp and OC with Jesus on our side.
Rhema Blackham – Most kids who come to Boot Camp step off the bus and think they’ve officially stepped into hell. My reaction was the opposite. I was amazed and immediately in love with my surroundings. This may sound weird, but I’ve never seen a palm tree before–which Boot Camp is full of. I was once again amazed by how beautiful God’s creation is. In the Bible it talks about how all creation proclaims our God’s greatness and power. That’s how it feels to me at Boot Camp. Since then, any time I feel tired or down, i just look at a palm tree and remind myself that the creator of all this beauty is the one I’m serving.





  1. Lance Henderson

    Connor, we have been praying daily for you and Team Haiti! I can’t wait to hear how everything is going! I love you and cannot wait to hear about your opportunities to share Christ with the Haitians!


  2. Wishing Team Haiti a safe and wonderful experience as they prepare to travel to a foreign country and carry the word of GOD. We are so proud of you all. A special shout out to Joe Lewis, “We love you and pray for you and your team everyday, enjoy this fabulous opportunity” can’t wait to hear the stories of your journey, my son. God Bless

  3. Hey Rhema it’s Kim the comment about you is grand. it’s great how god made things isn’t it? The 4th over here was great too, I hope all of you kids are having fun you can mark down that you got to travel the world doing gods work. I wish I have those options when I was younger. You have got to tell me how to send some cookies or brownies to you all you know how great that would be I could make enough for everyone. Just let me know how many peeps ya have and an address where I can ups it and off it goes, any special request you have darling you let me know ok. Hey I love you with all the love god lets me give you and I miss you sooooo much Rhema. You make me so proud to be your mom.
    Love Kim

  4. Sounds great, praying for you all as you get ready for the next big step, off to Haiti. Wish I could hear the cheer!


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