Indonesia Is Going To Miss Indiana

It is going to be a bittersweet day today, as we are celebrating July 4th and saying bye to our friends, the Indiana team. We shared eating site and tent site with them, as well as many happy hours during the trainings classes of Boot Camp. We have been talking, as a team, about our goals for the summer and also long term goals, concerning our spiritual walk with the Lord. We hope that setting goals and mindfully pursuing them will help us accomplishing our God’s given roles in life. We, as leaders, enjoy watching Patrick and Lauren grow a bigger understanding about this world and its peoples in God’s eyes.

Lauren Garcia – The days may be dwindling but we are still learning. I have learned the story of the Wordless Book (to share the Gospel with it – hw), also how to completely wash myself with a bucket in under 30 mins.
Patrick Dove – Boot Camp is coming to a close and we are all eager to go and serve in Indonesia. Boot Camp classes are also coming to an end and I have learned a lot in these classes even if it is my 3rd year here. I have been learning and growing in my devos (morning devotional time spent read the Bible and praying individually – hw) and progressing in my faith.




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