Italy Is Hiking

13005 Italy smallYesterday we traveled on trains and buses from 8 am to 7pm. It was difficult for the team to say goodby to the new friends they had made at Christ is the Answer, but at the same time, we were all ready for the next adventure. We had a long day traveling so we decided to spend an extra night in Genova by the sea. We caught up with some classes and spent some time swimming in the Mediteranian. It was a great time together! Wednesday, we caught a bus to the trail head and began our 5K hike to the campground. Zachary Taylor shared his testimony for our evening sharing time. As we started our hike the next morning, everyone stood in amazement as they faced the majestic Alps and beautiful waterfalls before us. The team has done very well for the first leg of the trail. We have already been challenged with steep inclines and those that reached our lunch spot first returned for some of the others that were moving at a slower pace. Luke A. Neilson, Luke S. Neilson, Emily Neilson and Briley Langehans were such servants and encouragers for the team. Each one of these youth has shown zeal and excitement for such a difficult challeng and it is beautiful to see the team growing in unity. The weather has been excellent! Everyone stayed warm our first night in the mountains and our days have been sunny with a cool breeze.mThank you for keeping us in prayer for safety, team unity and spiritual growth.  Prayer performs miracles!

Caleb Powell – As I sit here by the river watching a shepherd with his dog herding the cattle to the next pasture and listen to the laughter of my team, the roaring of the river and the gentle sound of bells ringing from the  cows necks, I can hardly comprehend the beauty and splender of God’s handiwork. Just a few days ago we left Christ is the Answer where we evangelized in various parks. The next day we spent swimming in the sea. I cant wait to see what God has in store for us next!

Shalen Gillis – During my devos in the morning, I have been reading through the Psalms. One that has stuck out to me is Psalm 119:25-32. It talks about hpw God gives us life and strengthens us through His Word. It says “I cling to your decrees” and it has affirmed the importance of being in God’s Word and spending time with Him.

Luke Silas Nielson – I am sitting on a road in the Alps next to a river of the clearest, purest water on earth and looking at a view that makes my stomach flip. I continue to realize how great God is. He is amazing. If for nothing else, He made the Alps which are incredible!

Hannah Lee – While hiking through the mountains, i’ve found myself relying on God through the big and the little things. One moment that really stood out to me was a moment when i was ready to give up and i just asked God to give me the strength to go on and He did. Also i realized that praying for others was a huge help. Putting others before yourself is always a big help. God has been good to me and our team.






  1. karen baysinger alias "gaga"

    We are so encouraged to see God working in all of your lives,and growing spiritually,Jenna we love you so much,gaga,and papa

  2. I cannot tell you how these updates have encouraged my faith. It seems that the Lord is answer all of our prayers for you guys. Amazing God we serve. Keep pressing on Team Italy. We are all so proud of you.

  3. So happy to read the updates and also the thoughts from team members!!! Praying for safety, endurance and unity…..

  4. Adrienne Marcy

    I can only imagine the beautiful vistas that the Italy team is seeing, since photos are such a far cry from actually experiencing this kind of beauty. Praying for the team to acclimate quickly to the elevation, for sore leg muscles and tired shoulders! But what a joy to see His handiwork and to look for ways to encourage each other and those that you come in contact with His grace, mercy and encouragement! So thankful and also encouraged by this team’s heart for God. May He continue to show His Awesomeness!!!

  5. The team is doing well that is great we are praying for you all. JP we love you and are very proud of who you are becoming in Your walk with Christ. Continue to seek Gods will for your lives and always give I’m the glory. Psalm119:15-16
    God Bless
    Your sister
    Marie House

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