Malawi Is Finishing Their Training

Malawi 19
Happy Independence Day! I praise God that we live in a country where we can still praise His name out in the open and don’t have to hide in secret.The sun is out and it is a beautiful morning! I can’t believe this will be our last report from Boot Camp. The team has one more day of classes and then we begin to pack up. Yesterday the team was finally able to get some of their laundry dry after three days of rain. We are all looking forward to the cool dry weather of Malawi. Yesterday and today they had their medical classes. They learned about basic first aid and how to tell what kind of reading glasses people will need. They are all looking forward to showing the love of Christ by offering medical help in Malawi. As time comes close to leaving, there is a lot of things happening. Getting 26 teens ready to travel to Africa is no small task. Please pray for us leaders as we get ready to take your children to Malawi. The plan is to leave Sunday night and stay in the airport. We will then leave early Monday morning for Washington DC. We are going to have a hotel that night which all of us are looking forward to! Then we fly Tuesday morning to Malawi. Pray that the team will stay healthy while traveling, that all of our bags will make it and that things will go smooth. Thank you to everyone that has been praying for us.
Ben Vallaema – So far this year has been interesting! This being my second year. It has been very different to see my new team grow, it makes me remember why I came back. I love to see a team grow closer together and become a family through the love of God. And as I watch my team grow, I think of how God has helped me grow as a person this past year.
Danya Dilbeck – I have seen some crazy change in my team from when we got here till now. We have gotten closer and have grown spiritually. My most inspiring moment this week was when we put one of the slower people as the front flag on the Obstacle Course. This forced us to stay together as a team. I am so excited for Malawi and can’t wait….but I don’t have much longer to wait! Hi mom and dad!

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