Peru Is Adjusting To The Mud

Hello from a muddy Boot Camp! We have been experiencing some off-and-on rain for the past three days. It has left us with muddy boots and wet tents! The Peru team has been in good spirits about it, although we would like to have time for our clothes to dry out. 😉 The team has worked off all of their team SB’s. Yesterday Casey Como, Jacob Como, and Amelia Crispell enjoyed sweeping and washing the windows of the buses that will be taking the teams to the airport on Commissioning night. They were sure to make our bus extra clean! 🙂 On Tuesday, we had balloon class and Christopher Hristov enjoyed learning how to make all the different animals along with creative hats! They all did great on the O.C. today, with no DQ’s and getting 18 people over the wall! The team is getting tired as Boot Camp comes to a close, but there’s only one more day of training before we pack up and head out to Pucallpa. Your prayers are appreciated…the last few days can be hectic and wearying, but we pray that the Lord will give us strength and guide us in all we do! Happy 4th of July!

Hannah Reinhardt – At Boot Camp I’ve learned so much about how to work as a team. God brings our team closer together every day. I’ve also learned that no matter what happens, we are to trust in God. We’ve all have to remember that when Boot Camp gets tough.
Ann Kalisuch – Boot Camp is definitely a crazy place. We get up before the sun, work, have rally’s and devos, and run the Obstacle Course. But the thing is, we learn so much here. We learn construction skills that we will use for the rest of our lives, and the spiritual teachings will last even longer. Having a good attitude about getting up so early has been a little difficult, but I’m getting better at that. It’s been a great experience so far, and I can’t wait for the field.




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  1. Pamela Kalisuch

    We are so glad to hear that the team is meshing well and looking forward to Peru. We pray for them daily and know God is doing a work in all their lives. Thank you for the personal touch of name references and team member accounts. It does my heart good to see my daughter’s name and personal thoughts
    . Bless you all!

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