Russia Is Finishing Strong

HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY!! As of today, we have entered our last training day, and tomorrow starts our take-down/pack up time. Thankfully, rain has stopped – at least for yesterday, and for the morning today so far. We are ALL praying very hard that no more rain falls until AFTER we have taken down and put away all our tents and dismantled our tent site and also until after we have everything packed up to go to Russia. Today is presently breezy and sunny, and we hope that continues. The Russia team won the Godliness Award for helping out some Preteens, and also won yesterday’s Brain Storming session, so today they get to swim in the pool – something they all treasure.
We continue to have mostly hot weather, and yesterday, in spite of many clouds, it stayed dry and so far, today looks even nicer with blue skies and breezes.
The team members continue to respond to the invitation in the rallies, we are so thankful they have hearts and spirits that are sensitive to God.
Matthew Gould  – The Lord’s Boot Camp has been a life-changing experience. In music class we have been learning new songs. In Advanced EV we are learning how to share the Word of Jesus Christ. I can’t wait—two more days and I leave for the field. Go Russia!!!”
Hannah Ukrainetz – There is only two more days of Boot Camp left! I can’t believe how fast it has gone. In advanced E.V. we are learning about how to answer “hard” questions and other religions. I find it really interesting. We are also in music class which is my favorite class because I love to sing. I am super excited to be in Russia and teach the kids about God.”


  1. Kaitlyn I have been following you through your boot camp and enjoying seeing you participating. We are praying for you and know the Lord has many blessings for you during this trip to Russia. Blessings to you, we will look forward to hearing about your adventure.Love, Nana

  2. Today the Russia team flies out and our family is praying for all of you. Hannah we watch for you daily for pictures, and news. You are loved and missed but feel overjoyed with you, you look so happy. Love the Canada Day pics!! Your family is cheering you on! All your supporters ask about you all the time too and are praying. Love Mom

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