South Africa Loves The Food At Boot Camp!

South Africa

Hello From The South Africa Preteen Team! Boot Camp is in full swing and our team is learning quite a bit in their classes. Yesterday was the last day of the OC for our team; we have really learned a lot about team work, cooperation, and encouragement by running the Obstacle Course every morning. Today we ran the World Map , which is a giant puzzle with plywood puzzle pieces of each country that are placed on a concrete grid. It requires a strong knowledge of geography and the ability to work together; the team really seemed to enjoy completing this obstacle.

Our team is getting super excited about our commissioning in two days! We are learning the value of trusting God in all things; no matter what. Boot Camp can be a struggle at times, but our team has kept up a good attitude and remained positive despite the challenges (Praise the Lord!). I am truly amazed and proud of the all the cooperation, compassion, and positivity that our team shows each other in all activities.
We have also won the Cleanliness award three times thus far and we also won the Godliness award the other evening. By winning these awards we get the chance to swim in the pool, which the team members really enjoy!

Next time you hear from us we will be in South Africa!

Silas Brogan – Boot Camp had been fun so far. The information in the classes is easy to learn and so far my team has been great. The food is also really good too.

Andrew Voorhies – It is soo fun here! My favorite part of the OC is the slough! The food is awesome. My tentmate’s name is Silas Brogan. God has taught me that I can eat all my food and I’m doing really good.



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