The Dominican Republic Team Sees The End In Site


Happy fourth of July. So as Boot Camp is coming to an end, our kids are very excited to be leaving for our mission trip. The kids are all working very hard in their classes. Today was the last day they ran the O.C and they were very excited for that to be over. Us leaders are teaching the team how important it is to work as a team and to never give up on all of those things that are really hard to do. As we get ready to pack out to leave, we would really enjoy it that you take some time and pray for all of the teams who are leaving. It can be very stressful as a leader and a team member, but with God’s help, we can get over the stumbling blocks that are in our way. Thank God for every blessing He has given you because at the Lord’s Boot Camp, the little things matter too. As we get ready to leave, we hope that we can make a big difference in the lives that we are going to touch this summer in Dominican Republic. Thank you to all of you who have been praying for the Dominican Republic team.

Matthew Walsh – Boot camp has been awesome, I have come to know the Lord much better and it was great to see our entire team go up to be prayed for.
 Tabitha Albrecht – At Boot Camp I have been doing a lot of work, spiritual and physical. I am having a great time and I am making some new friends here at the Lord’s Boot Camp.




  1. i pray for all of you!!! you are doing well … thanks for everything that you are doing for all our child…may God Bless U!!!
    i just find this page today and i want to read every day… I am sure that the life of Luisa Fulla and the all team is going to be better in God..
    i miss may daughter but all our strong is in God …. He is taking care of all of you!!! we love you!!! Dominican Republic is blessing in the name of Jesus !! and all of you is going to plant the name of Christ in many lives … amen amen and the Holy spirit is with you all the time!!
    Thank you, thanks to God

    luisa we love u to much and we are so proud of u!!! God Bless you !! xoxo

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