The Madagascar Team Has Completed Their Training


This is our last report before Commissioning on Saturday night. We have had a good week of classes. This is our last day of training and tomorrow we begin Boot Camp takedown. This morning we ran the OC for the final time, getting everyone over the Wall with several minutes to spare, but we did get disqualified on Jacob’s Ladder, so we will serve another team SB today for that. We will swim in the pool today because we won the Cleanliness Award for the 5th time last night! Lady leader cooking classes have ended. Natalia Lebo did a great job making cinnamon rolls, tortillas, english muffins, homemade noodles and macaroni & cheese. Friday afternoon we will begin packing up our duffels, putting away our tents and moving out of the tent site. Saturday night is Commissioning. Afterwards our team will stay to help with taking down the stage, chairs and Big Top. We will get to sleep in on Sunday morning in our air-conditioned dorm rooms. Monday we will plan to do laundry and do our final packing. Thank you for your prayers as we have a few busy days ahead of us.

A few words from the team:

Hayley Sampson-Boot Camp has been great so far! My team has bonded so much and riding dirt bikes together is great. I accidently popped a wheelie which was scary and awesome. We also had a sweet time in the pool.

Mindy Potter-Boot Camp is rocking! We got the pool today, so we’re clean. Bikes are awesome, got to ride the 250 today! Lovin’ it!

Zach Campbell-Hey guys! So far, I’m enjoying every minute of Boot Camp. Our team has connected really well and my tent mate and I have even had a few deep conversations in the tent. I did, however, count 61 mosquito bites when I woke up yesterday…just one downside! Keep our team in your prayers as we venture overseas to share the love and joy of Christ with others.

Elizabeth Toney-Prior to coming, I had expected to hate Boot Camp. But the people and leaders on my team have made it truly enjoyable. Waking up at 5am for KP, running the OC at 6am and riding bikes for two hours every afternoon has been quite an experience. We’ve won the Piggy Award and also the Cleanliness Award.

Marianna Potts-Boot Camp is so fun! My team is incredibly awesome! We are working together well enough to get the whole team over the Wall. The bikes have been grand too! I haven’t fell yet! Boot Camp is just as awesome as I remember it, but I cannot wait to get to Madagascar.

Deven Deck-This year’s Boot Camp is amazing, it helped me to be a better person at heart, to be disciplined and to plan for things ahead before it happens. Everyone in camp is very sweet and awesome and the leaders are chill, it’s pretty cool so far. The chapel, devotions and speakers are very inspiring. The food is pretty good also, I think by the end of the missions trip I am going to be a new person.


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  1. Praying for you guys! Hope that you have an AMAZING, LIFE-CHANGING Summer!!!

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