The Philippines Is Almost Finished With Their Training


Greetings from the Philippines team! The past week we have had heavy rains, so we welcomed the nice dry day yesterday. We are thankful that our clothes are drying to be able to pack. We are getting excited about only having two days of Boot Camp left! We will be helping to take down Big Tops and other equipment on Friday, then pack up on Saturday. Following Commissioning, we will have our party then we are responsible to take up the plywood in Big Top #1 and take down the lights. It needs to all come down so that the other teams can take down the Big Top in the morning. When we get that done, we can go to bed! Sunday we will be involved in packing and then head to the airport in the middle of the night. Our flight has been moved up to 9 AM Monday morning so we will be in LAX longer. Please pray for safety in travel and as we share with others and minister to each other while traveling.

Happy 4th of July! We are looking forward to a celebration this evening with cold watermelon! Thank you for your prayers.

Josh Vinciguerra – The Lord’s Boot Camp is something I thought was going to be extremely hard to get through. I heard some stories from FTMs, but it is something you have to experience to understand. The classes and worship help you understand more about God, and being with just teens makes it easier to relate to lessons. Being with the group from your team makes you extremely close with all team members. You will learn the importance of teamwork as you conquer the Wall on the O.C. and learn evangelism tips while talking with teens from other teams. It is a great place to learn of God’s Word and to learn to teach God’s Word.

Rose Williams – Boot Camp is unlike any other place. God has been teaching our team to work together on the Obstacle Course and through daily classes. We are learning how the choices of one can effect everyone and our ministry in the Philippines and how important it is to be a Christlike example at all times. The whole team is looking forward to Commissioning and going overseas to serve the Lord.


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  1. Blessings to all on the team. I wish for safe travels and happy times for each of you. May you experience the closeness of God now, and always.

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