Uganda Is Ready To Go To Africa!

Greetings from The Lords Boot Camp in sunny Florida! The Uganda Team is so thankful for some sunshine. It has rained every day since Monday and the chance to get some laundry out on the line to dry is truly a blessing. This morning marks the last training day for 2013, which also means this was the last time the team will run the Obstacle Course. The O.C. this morning was a definite success with 18 people over the wall, but yesterday was truly the pinnacle of the our O.C. experience. It was “Leader Day” so two of the leaders ran with the team with the result of 21 over the Wall. (We won by the way!) The Wall is the last obstacle that we have to concur in the morning and if the team does not run through the Course with enough time at the end they will not have the opportunity to make it over. Praise the Lord, everyone has made it over the wall at one point in Boot Camp. Tuesday the order was reversed and the team went to the Wall first. Jonah Schwartz, Sydney Martin and Ashley McCain went over for the first time on Tuesday and that was an emotional high point for everyone.
We are all looking forward to flying out on Tuesday. The current plan is as follows: Today, Music Class @ 10:00, Puppet Class @ 11:00, Lunch 12:00, Block Laying @ 1:15(Today is “test day” Everyone has to complete a straight block wall, time might only permit one corse), 2:15 Free Time, 3:15 Bath and Laundry, 4:15 Steel Tying Class, And 5:30 is Dinner. Tomorrow is “Take Down Boot Camp Day” when all of the removable things around Boot Camp get stored away till next year. Saturday Is “Packout Day” when we will take down tents, weigh luggage and get ready for Commissioning. Saturday evening we will be cleaning out the Big Top area. The Chairs, Stage and All the Video equipment will be stored away so that the tent can come down on Sunday. We will have a few extra hours of sleep on Sunday and some relaxing time on Sunday afternoon. Monday will be spent catching up on laundry and last minute pack out. And Tuesday we FLY!!!
Daniel Buel – I’ll start with the basics: Boot Camp is hot, muggy, it rains (and pours), and you’re always sweaty! Nonetheless, the food is vary good with a defiantly possibility of seconds, plus the scenery is nice. But… the Lord’s Boot Camp isn’t just about hot weather, scenery and food; it’s about God. In the short time since I’ve been here, friendships have strongly developed, teams have been built from scratch, we have learned valuable skills and grown, physically, spiritually and emotionally. Christ has molded broken hearts, lifted up the weak and humbled the prideful. We are waring together, both on the O.C. and the S.B (Special Blessings), strengthening our resolve and relationship with Christ. There’s not much more anyone could ask for or desire. Psalm 133:1: “How good and pleasant is it when brothers live together with unity”
Caitlyn Nagay – Psalm 144:10-11 “Teach me to do your will, for you are my God. May Your gracious Spirit lead me forward on firm footing. for the glory of your name, O Lord, Bring me out of distress”  When I got Boot Camp, I went into survival mod, not just physically from the heat, sweat, tears, killer mosquitoes, homesickness and 5:30 wakeup calls, but also spiritually. I was under attack and mad at the people who encouraged and thought it was a ‘good’ idea for me to be sent away to this ‘jail’ for the summer. It took some getting used to, but Boot Camp has really impacted, changed, encouraged, strengthened and and matured me in many ways. Getting my eyes off myself and onto Christ has been so amazing and super freeing! I’ve learned so much and classes have been so impacting and grown me in many ways—personally and spiritually. The people on my team are amazing! Each day we grow stronger and closer as a team. incredible friendships have developed and continue to grow, even though three times of cleaning the bathrooms hasn’t been the joyous occasion. God is so good and I’ve been so blessed to experience this hard but fantastic time at Boot Camp.





  1. You guys are doing a great job! Keep it up!

  2. So proud of all of you!! You will all do a great job and continue to grow. Enjoy the adventure!!

  3. Harold Brohart

    Great going Uganda team, you are a special bunch, keep on keeping on for the Lord!!!!

  4. Grea,t work , Team Ugdanda– loved ones who are vacationing in Denmark care praying for a continued growth and maturity with Jesus as your Captain!!

  5. Kevin Schwartz

    Way to go team Uganda – proud of you guys!!

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