Vanuatu Is Gaining Muscle

13001 Vanuatu
The Vanuatu team is still going strong! Our project is much further along, and everyone is learning how to be quite the framer. The walls are going up quickly on the Training Center despite the frequent showers which come every half hour or so. We’ve been building frames for the windows and as there is quite a bit of nailing and sawing to do. Everyone has gotten a chance to test their skills. Ali Davis claims that if her right arm doesn’t fall off in the process, it is going to be much more muscular than her left by the summer’s end. We’re working closely with several local men who are carpenters by trade, and they get quite a kick out of watching some of our valiant attempts. I have to keep asking them to allow my team to manage a specific project, and they seem impressed every time. I asked one of the bosses how our work was and he grinned a toothless grin and proclaimed it “number 1!” We’ve been getting to know them all pretty well, and it’s neat to be able to call them by name and vice versa. We went for our first swim in the Pacific Ocean yesterday, and for some it was their first time to swim in an ocean. We’re told there is some beautiful coral nearby, so we’ll have to look into that. This weekend we will hopefully be doing some evangelizing in the local communities so please be in prayer about that. Noel Dobbs led the group devotions last night, and she challenged everyone to not be so quick to condemn a brother or sister who is struggling with sin, but rather come to alongside and help them, since all of us face temptations of our own. The amount of growth happening in each individual team member’s life is obvious and is quite an encouragement to the leaders.
Noel Dobbs – Vanuatu is absolutely amazing! Being here has helped me realize that I have never really thanked God for His creation. I see something new and beautiful every day. I’m truly blessed to be here.
Becky Gold – The past Sunday we went to a college for church and Mr. Buli began to thank all of the missionaries. It turns out we are the first American team from TMI to be in this part of Vanuatu. I am sooooo happy to be here—unseasonal rain and all.
*I will do my best to include some pictures in our next report. The college has a limited amount of data that they pay for each month and has asked us to be careful about uploading photos. Hopefully, we will be able to get at least a couple up.




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  1. Tell Sara here mom is so proud of her and prays daily for her and the team.peace in Christ,Chris Davis

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