Zambia’s Adventures Continue!


Zambia 7:4-1. copy Zambia 7:4-2 copy Zambia 7:4-3. copy Zambia 7:4-4. copy Zambia 7:4-5 copy Zambia 7:4-6. copyGreetings from the wonderful country of Zambia! Our team is very busy and working hard every day. Rise and shine is at six am. The sun is just coming up and it’s about forty degrees. We usually have a hot breakfast with tea or cocoa. Following breakfast, we spend thirty minutes of quiet time with the Lord before heading off to work. The bridge building site is almost a mile down the road and the team usually hikes to or from it a couple times a day. The work is progressing quickly as we have many hard workers. The large trench to divert the stream has been completed, the dam of sand bags is done, a dam of trees and logs further up the river is being worked on, and Bob stated this morning that he hopes to get the culverts in place this afternoon.

Each day, our team divides in threes: one group teaching school, one three-member group doing KP, and the large group working at our project site. Claire, Joy, Jacob, Carmen, and J.J. helped teach the fifty kids at the free community school held at the Rescue Unit. Although nervous initially, they did a great job. Jacob and J.J. taught the Wordless Bracelet and Claire enjoyed teaching the Bible lesson. The rest helped lead the group games. Today, Peter, Elizabeth, Gwen, Devon, and Lauren are teaching spelling lessons and math drills. Elizabeth especially loves teaching and wishes she could do it every day.

Kianna, Abby, and Isabelle are the KP crew and are busy preparing for a Mexican-American night. They are rolling tortillas with cups, tin cans, and a Pringles container. We are planning to sing patriotic songs around the camp fire and make s’mores to celebrate Independence Day.

We are praising God for no injuries on the job site. Our backs and muscles are sore, new blisters have developed on our hands, and some kids’ feet are still raw. Isabelle, Claire, Ayla, Cambrie, Peter, and Micah are still struggling with a cold virus, but they nevertheless work and eat well. We are filtering river water for drinking and cooking, and the team is staying well. No diarrhea or vomiting.

This weekend brings more work at the bridge site, working side-by-side with local Africans. Fellowship at a local Baptist church will be on the agenda for Sunday, as well as singing, sharing testimonies, puppets, and skits. The team will also be able to get some welcome rest.

Evening brings a warm bonfire, Bible studies, and team devos. Lights out is at 9:30. The Zambians are very friendly and very open to us and the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Please pray for open hearts and decisions for Christ. As Andrew stated, “I wasn’t going to Zambia to build a bridge; I am here to build God’s kingdom.”



  1. What an encouragement to see young people willing to do hard work as a tribute to our Lord Jesus for the people of Zambia. Thank you Lord that you are the one leading this team in unity and for how each one has been used personally.

  2. Thank you, thank you, thank you to the TMI Zambia leaders!! We so appreciate your frequent and detailed posts. It allows us to have a glimpse into our kids’ lives. God bless you for investing your time in discipling our children! We pray for you daily.

  3. Sounds like your project is coming right along and God’s project of working on hearts is too. Thanks so much for the wonderful report and photos. God bless you all!

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