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The 2014 Australia Missions Trip for Teens

Enjoy an exciting missions trip  “Down Under” to Queensland, Australia, for a summer of serving the Lord. After training at the Lord’s Boot Camp, you bus to the Orlando International Airport for a flight to Brisbane via Houston, Los Angeles and Auckland, New Zealand. A two-hour bus ride takes you to Teen Missions Australia Bible, Missionary & Work Training Center located in Tewantin. There will be no shortage of things to be done—from roofing, to painting to block work—all will help this mission training center and youth camp. Daily you will enjoy watching kangaroos and wallabies in the open field. The animals you won’t see on the property you may see on a visit to the world famous Australia Zoo, home of the late Crocodile Hunter, Steve Irwin. Opportunities abound to share in public schools and local churches, using drama, music, puppets and testimonies. Housing will be in dorms, with hot showers available; laundry will be done using buckets. A visit to Noosa Heads Beach, a surfer’s paradise, will provide an afternoon of relaxation and shopping for all things Aussie: boomerangs, sheepskins, Akubra hats, opals and “Snowy River” coats.

Project Expense: $4890 U.S. plus $30 Registration Fee

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  1. Hi I’m very interested in this opportunity and I was wondering if the cost of food and room and board incorporated in the price?

  2. How many spots are left?

  3. Hi I live in Oklahoma and I’ve been wanting too go on a mission trip and I found this site! What state do you take off From to go to Australia?

  4. Hi, is there still spots left for girls?

  5. I’m 20 and always wanted to go on a missions trip. But I don’t know if I’m to old. I don’t belong long to a church. But use to go a lot when younger. I believe in his. Am I still able to go

  6. I see the price dropped from when my son registered. Is this going to the stay the same now (thankful for the little less to raise)?

    • Kristal, There has been a “fuel surcharge” the past couple of years, which will happen in the spring, if it happens. It has been anywhere from $25 – $160,

  7. Hi! Is there much room left on this trip? Thanks so much!

  8. Are there many spots left in the Australia trip?

  9. Hi Mrs. Beth, I just received my packet today and noticed there were points about a computer identification number. I was just curious how do I find mine?

  10. So how does the money thing work out? Do i sign up, and submit the $30 and then give the rest later? or what?

    • Levi, You sign up with your $30 registration fee. We will send you your packet, including prayer cards and letters which you will send out to help you raise your support. You send in your support as it comes in.

  11. I have been praying about going on this trip. Where will be working?

  12. I am interested in going on a mission trip this summer. How can I find out which trips are full and which have open spots?

  13. Hi, I have a quick question: I am a college student from South Carolina looking for a summer missions trip to Australia and was wondering if it were commonly open to college students.

  14. Does the expense include airfare?

  15. really wish I could go but sadly, I live in Canada.

  16. Do the children have to have already turned 13 to be allowed to sign up for this trip? My son has a late summer birthday August and is wondering if he can go next year?

  17. Are there any scholarships or anything available?

  18. I was just looking at these mission trips that you all take an was wandering if I can get more information on them ?

  19. I noticed on the application that you are suppose to list your weight. Will that determine if you can go or not on a team? I have done other things similar to this and was able to pull my own weight.

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