Belize Is Ready To Serve

Hi All, We have had a very exciting couple of days. We have won the “Piggy Award”, if you call that winning!!!
Also we have won the “Brainstorming Award”, which lets us have the pool. We have seen spiritual growth in several team members. We have also seen growth in how the team works as a “team”. We all looking forward to leaving  and going to Belize. The Lord is good to all! Philippians 4:13 We can do all things thru Christ who strengthens us.
Danielle L.- Well, what can I say about Boot Camp. It’s a great preparation to be able to go to the mission field. It also teaches great life lessons like how grateful we should be. We as Americans don’t know how good we have it. They are very good at preparing you for reality or the ‘real world’. We have special blessings which , trust me , aren’t special. They are more like extra things that need to be done. For example, digging holes, picking up weeds, putting up the “World Map”puzzle (life size). Did I mention its hot here? This is a great camp if you’re looking for spiritual growth. The Lord is amazing, He is our everything and without Him we would be nothing.This is a life changing experience.
Elizabeth B. – In Boot Camp I am learning hard work, self control, and patience. Most of all I am learning how to display a Christian attitude. We are getting ready to serve The Lord.


  1. Great team. Keep working hard team Belize you
    Did awesome work at boot camp. Loved serving
    Kelly kitchen lady and Sams mom 🙂

  2. Michael & Kristine

    Love all the kids on this team. I met/saw everyone and they all seemed ready and willing. Looking forward to seeing these kids back with great spirit and experience.

  3. Go Belize!! We are praying for all God’s best for the work to be done.
    Blessings, Joy and Steve Olson:)

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