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402 CameroonCameroon Eyeglass & Medical
January 26–February 14, 2014
Expect great things to happen as you help others to see clearly. Following a day of orientation and specialized training in Merritt IslandFlorida, you travel to Orlando International Airport to begin your flight across the Atlantic Ocean to DoualaCameroon, via Washington D.C. and BrusselsBelgium.  After a night in a guesthouse, you bus 225 miles north to the Teen Missions in Cameroon base in Bamenda. The scenery is beautiful as you travel from sea level to the mountains. You will spend a day repacking and buying supplies before heading to one of the Rescue Units. Put into practice your training in how to fit individuals with proper reading glasses, so that you can share this blessing with others. It will bless you as you see people shout and dance with joy after receiving their new eyeglasses. You also will be helping the facilitators with medical needs as people come to the Unit to seek assistance. Take a moment here or there with the orphans, singing to them, playing with them, reading to them and just spending time holding and loving them. The children, as well as the villagers, will love your attention and will be so grateful you came. You will have opportunity to shop for fabrics, drums, baskets and beautiful wooden items before returning home to the States.
Contributions Equal To: $3190 U.S. plus $30 Registration Fee


  1. I’m 26, from Nigeria. can I be able participate in the trip?

    • Moses, Not unless you can get a visa here and can raise the support. We do the same program in several African countries. It would be more feasible to do one of our programs there (Zambia, Zimbabwe, Cameroon, Malawi, South Africa, Madagascar, Uganda).

  2. Hi I am 21 and a recent university graduate. I have been a team member for 4 missions trips with my church, to Mexico twice, El Salvador and Colombia, and would love to lead a team this coming summer 2014. How can I get more information about opportunities?

  3. Hello,

    My name is Noah and I am a student at Riverstone International School. In year 10 we are required to complete a personal project. This is a project that will make us grow as a person. I am doing a medical mission for my project. I have been looking at your teen and preteen missions however the dates that I can’t do it over the summer as it has to be done before March. Is there anyway that I could join this group if my mother came along with me? I am 15.

    Thank you,


  4. Hi,

    I would love to go on one of the adult mission trips through TMI but I am 20 and a college student so I can only do so during the summer….do you offer any adult missions trips during the summer as well or college student missions trips? Thanks!


    • Alexa, We do many trips in the summer. Since you are 20, you qualify to lead a team or you can go as a team member. We do not have adult mission trips during the summer as we need adults to lead teams!

  5. Hey I am trying to register for this trip and somehow it’s not working for me! 🙁 I putted in all the requires information and its still wouldn’t work!!

  6. Hey Beth! I am 22 yrs old do I have to put my parents information on the registration form?! Just curious!

  7. Yes I am over 18! Okay I will do that. thanks

  8. My name is Andrew and I am thinking about going on this trip! Are there spots still available on this trip? Very excited need more info please thanks!

  9. Can I volunteer and get the expense paid

    • Evelyn, Everyone raises support, including the director. You can volunteer (if you are 18 or older) at the Teen Missions base.

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