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Mission Trip to CameroonCameroon Mission Trip  Foot Washing

Ashya! Welcome to Cameroon where you will make a difference in the lives of orphans by providing them with shoes for school and everyday wear. After Boot Camp, you bus to the Orlando International Airport for a flight to Douala, Cameroon via Washington, D.C. and Brussels, Belgium. From Douala, your team will bus north to the Teen Missions in Cameroon Bible, Missionary & Work Training Center in Nsongwa. From here you will head out to the first of two AIDS Orphans Rescue Unit locations to wash the children’s feet and put a new pair of socks and shoes on some who have never owned a pair of shoes in their life! You will also assist the facilitators with their daily medical treatments. The necessity of having shoes for protection will soon become apparent as you help treat wounds and infections. There will be opportunities for you to teach the children Bible lessons or to play soccer and other games. After sharing at the units you will return to the base and help teach the drama, evangelism and construction classes at the Cameroon Boot Camp. Housing is in tents; bathing and laundry are done using a bucket. While in Cameroon, you will have the opportunity to shop for jewelry, drums, spearheads, baskets, soccer jerseys and other souvenirs. On your return to Florida for Debrief, you will overnight in a hotel in Brussels. Note: This team will pack their personal belongings in a Teen Missions issued carry-on bag, as the team’s duffel bags are packed with shoes and socks for the orphans.


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  1. how many people signed up for this country already?

  2. Do u have eny spots left for girls

    And if u get in the wateing list and you downt go will u be get your money back


    • Lucy, It is full to girls. At some point in the spring, it should open up, but there are no guarantees. No, we don’t return your money due to IRS guidelines.

  3. Did you receive my application yet?

  4. Hi! I know that AIDS is widespread in Africa, so does treating wounds on the orphan’s feet pose a risk of infection? Thank you!

  5. Hi, I registered on Thursday, and I was wondering if you got my application in yet?

  6. Hi I was wondering how many spots are left?

  7. Hello! I was wondering if there are still available spots for this team. Thank you

  8. Hay for all you guys on facebook and going on the team. I made a 2014 teen missions team group.

  9. Hi, are there any spots left for girls on this trip?

  10. I see you said this was a popular team this year. Are there any spots left?

  11. I registered for Cameroon on Saturday. Have you recived my information yet? And when will I get the info packet? Thanks!

  12. I’d like to let parents & family members of the 2014 Cameroon team know that I have set up a facebook page for us to chat, ask questions, etc. Please join us!

    My son, Jake Chapman, went to Malawi this past summer and had an amazing experience. He has set up a facebook page for the Cameroon team:

  13. Hello Mrs. Kostner, is there still spots available for this team?

  14. What vaccines are required for this trip?

  15. Hi, I was looking into going on the 2014 Cameroon trip, and I was wondering, how soon would I need to sign up? How quickly does it usually fill up?

  16. How/When will we be notified whether my son has been placed on the team? He registered about 10 days ago. Thanks!

    • Connie, We are on vacation/deputation and will not be back into the office until next Tuesday. He will make the Cameroon team.

  17. My son registered online a week ago and has not recieved an email confirmation. How can we confirm that his registration was recieved and that he is on the team? Thanks!

  18. Mrs. Kostner if we pay the registration fee with a debt card do we have to and in the 2.5% or not?

  19. Mrs. Kostner for the registration fee if I pay with a credit card do I have to add 2.5% to the $30 because the bank takes that amount away?

  20. hi i am interested in leading this team in 2014. can you be 17 and register as a leader but turn 18 before boot camp or do we need to be 18 before we register?

  21. Just signed up for this team! I created a Facebook page so we can get to know each other better before the trip. I look forward to meeting you all.

  22. I was reading this years reports and noticed that they were helping with the Cameroon boot camp. Will this team be doing a lot of that again next year?

  23. Do the children have AIDS? If so what precautions does teen missions take? To insure the safety of there team members. So that I don’t get AIDS.

  24. Just wondering re the dates for this trip, is is that long? or is there more than one trip, and they are within these dates?

  25. Beth, will this team receive the usual teen missions issued carry-ons?

  26. does your bucket and laundry washing stuff have to go in your carry on? Or does that go in your duffel bag too.

  27. Hi, I am looking at going on the Cameroon team in 2014 and I am wondering, how remote is this team? I am looking for the most remote team you have. Do you still bring the same amount of stuff with you on this team as you do on others, I am wondering because I saw that you only pack in the Teen Missions issued carry on.

    • Rebekah, Cameroon is remote. Burma and Zambia will also be very remote (along with others). Since Cameroon is a foot washing team, everything but your bedding will have to fit in your carry-on as shoes and socks will go in your duffel.

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