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Missions Trip to Dominican RepublicMissions Trip to Dominican Republic
Enjoy your summer in the beautiful Dominican Republic working at a Child Evangelism Fellowship (CEF) Camp. This island country, which borders Haiti, is the historic place where Christopher Columbus first landed in the New World. After Commissioning at the Lord’s Boot Camp you will bus to the Orlando International Airport for a flight across the Straits of Florida and Cuba to Panama City, Panama. A connecting flight takes you across the Caribbean Sea to Santo Domingo, the capital of the Dominican Republic. From the airport, a bus takes you to the CEF Camp where your project will include pouring sidewalks, painting and landscaping jobs to improve the overall facilities of the camp. You will also have the opportunity to share with the children attending camp, as you put the skills you learned at Boot Camp in music, puppets, dramas and testimonies into practice. Housing is in dorms with showers available. A day will be spent swimming in the Caribbean Sea as well as shopping in Santo Domingo for souvenirs such as baskets, straw hats, carvings from driftwood, oil paintings and T-shirts to remember your time in the Dominican Republic. 

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  1. I will like to contact cef in the Dominican republic. do you have a contact number

  2. I have a lot of CEF training myself here in Alaska, so this caught my eye with the CEF camp. I was wondering if it will be a CEF hosted camp for kids or a training camp for CEF teens (CYIA camp). Also wondering if there is a set signup deadline or any fundraising opportunities.

    • Casey, I think it is a CEF camp for kids. There is not a sign up deadline, but it is first come, first serve, so once it is full, it is full. We provide prayer cards and letters to help you raise your support.

  3. Since this is leaving from Florida, would some one who is not from Florida be able to sign up? And would we have to but another ticket to get to Florida? How does that work?

    • Debbie, Most of the participants are not from Florida. They come from all over the US and Canada (and sometimes overseas). Your round-trip airfare to/from Florida is not included. You will need to purchase that ticket.

  4. Is this the same camp the 1987 team stayed at while they built a house for a local pastor?

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