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Have you ever wanted to ride a bike in the Andes Mountains? God’s creation will leave you breathless as you view sites like Mt. Cotopaxi, the Mt. Cotopaxiworld’s highest active volcano. Following Boot Camp you will bus to the Orlando International Airport for a flight to Quito, the capital city of Ecuador, via Panama City, Panama. From the airport you will bus to the Teen Missions in Ecuador Bible, Missionary & Work Training Center, to begin your summer adventure. Share Christ’s love through puppets, drama and music as you ride your bikes from village to village. During free time you will enjoy playing with the children who come to the base for Sunday School. Housing is in dorms with showers available; laundry will be done using buckets. Be sure you bring warm clothes as it will be winter in Ecuador. On sightseeing day, you will enjoy an outing to El Mitad del Mundo, or Middle of the World,  where you can stand across the Equator, with one foot in the Northern Hemisphere and the other in the Southern. Try your hand at bartering for items such as alpaca wool clothing and blankets, jewelry, dolls, leather goods and paintings.

Note: Members of this team should be in good physical health and free of respiratory difficulties.

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  1. Can you take a phone to talk to your parents?

    • Cambree, No, you can’t. You can write your parents and the leaders will send in email reports twice weekly which will be posted on our website.

  2. Hi there! Our son has mild seasonal asthma that is induced by a common cold. He has expressed an interest in this trip, however, I just wanted to touch base to see if someone with mild asthma would be eligible to go. He has an inhaler that he typically uses about 4 or 5 times a year when he has a cold. Just keep us posted on what you think…or if your require any documentation from his physician. THANKS!

    • Rebecca, That is a hard one to answer. It will be very cold and high altitude which can trigger colds and asthma.

      • No problem, Beth. We ended up making an appointment with our son’s Asthma/Allergy doctor. We met with the doctor last week and he gave full medical clearance for him to go. Based on his medical tests, they did not feel as though this trip would be an issue for him. Wahooo! We will continue praying about it…but in the mean time, I just wanted to connect to see if there was a suggested daily biking route that the kids should be working towards. If you have any daily mile information for the trip, that would be helpful. He would like to train ahead of time for the trip, if information is available. Any info would be great. THANKS!!!

  3. What vaccines are required for this trip?

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