Haiti Orphanage — Teen Trip

Haiti Mission TripsDSCF5907Take the love of Jesus to orphans living at the House of Hope Orphanage in Haiti, one of the poorest countries in the world! Your team will help take the Gospel light to many who live in uncertainty and hopelessness. After completing training at the Lord’s Boot Camp, you will bus to the Orlando International Airport for a flight across the Straits of Florida and Cuba to Panama City, Panama. A connecting flight takes you across the Caribbean Sea  to Santiago, Dominican Republic. From Santiago, you bus 100 miles to Ouanaminthe, Haiti just across the border from Dajabon, Dominican Republic. At the orphanage you will continue construction on the dormitory and security wall around the property. There will also be opportunities to share with the Haitians through drama, puppets, singing, testimonies and VBS. Housing will be in tents; bathing and laundry will be done using a bucket. While in Haiti, you will visit the Citadelle, a large mountaintop fortress in northern Haiti, and in your free time swim and walk on the beach at Fort Liberty. There will be time to practice your bartering skills while shopping for souvenirs such as hand-crafted grass and wood items, paintings and T-shirts to remind you of your summer in Haiti.
Project Expense: $3190 U.S. plus $30 Registration Fee
Team #14006
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  1. Is the date June 7 though July 29?

  2. I was wondering if there is still room for girls on this team?

  3. I was on the early Haiti Team in ’75, working on an orphanage in Clarence, just south of Cap Haitian, back when Duvalier was still in power. It was intense, and the lessons stay with me today. I remember the first day we saw the Wall, I think everyone thought the same thing at the same time, “You’re kidding, right? “But our team went on to set the fastest course time of any team that summer. This is a wonderful opportunity.

  4. Is this trip full for girls?

  5. Will everyone have their own tent or will they be shared?

  6. I’m so excited to be going on this trip, I’m sure it will be awesome!!

  7. Is it still open?

    • Teagan, Yes, it is still available but will fill quickly now that Guatemala is full to girls. You will know a team is full when you don’t get your first choice. The sooner you sign up, the better chance you have of getting your first choice.

  8. Is there a fund raiser to help raise money to go on one of these missions trips? I’ve been wanting to sign up but the costs scares me away from doing one /:

    • Tiffany, We provide prayer cards and letters for you to send out. You can do garage sales, spaghetti dinners, etc. also.

  9. My friend Karson and I are considering going on a short-term mission trip next summer. We’re interested in the Haiti trip, but we aren’t really sure what we want to do definitely yet. Can you tell me if this trip is filled already? Thanks!

  10. Do you have to have the money when you register?

  11. If I just registered how will I know which trip I am going to go on out of the four that I chose?

  12. Hey there,
    I’ve already registered. On my package you all send out with the papers to pass out, what is the computer I.D#? And how do I find this?

  13. Daniel Zettlemoyer

    If you turn 18 June 22 2014 are you eligible to be a leader?

  14. In the June 7th – July 28th, does that include the Boot Camp?

  15. I was curious to know if the 2 weeks of training was apart of the June 7th-July 28th dates or is it before June 7th?

  16. An that starts June 7th?

  17. Hello my name is Connor Scott and I am very very interested in taking apart in this trip. I am from the New Orleans area and I was wondering would there be a group already coming from here or would we meet in Miami? Please let me know. Thank you so much

  18. How old do you have to be to go?

  19. how many people do you think well be on this team

  20. I feel called to go on a short mission trip, however I don’t have a team to go with. Is there a mission I can attend with a different group?

    • Taylor, You can go on one of our teams. Please see the list on our website. Most team members do not know one another till they arrive.

  21. Hi, I was interested in going on a TMI trip last year and after much praying felt like I needed to wait… I am praying again about going again and was just curious if the Haiti team stays at one orphanage the entire trip or if they will be going to multiple different places during their stay in Haiti.

  22. I was looking at all your trips for 2014 and I was wondering how quickly these spots usually fill up? I’m praying about it, and this trip to Haiti seems like the perfect one for me.

  23. Hi, My older brother, Rylan, went to China with TMI last summer. Don’t worry, I’m the good one. I am thinking of going on the Haiti trip this next summer. Praying about it. Do you know if a Visa is needed for this trip?

  24. I was looking at your 2014 mission trips for teens and I had a question. On the site where it lists estimated project cost: is that per person and what all does that exactly include?

    • Emily, That is per person. It includes your airfare to/from project country, food, air tax, ground transportation, etc. It does not include passport, departure tax (if any), deposits, visa if needed, round-trip transportation to/from Florida, spending money, boots, etc.

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