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Do you want to bring light and hope to those who have none? Thousands of children in Honduras have been left abandoned and hopeless by the devastation of drugs and alcohol in their families. Be part of this team that shares the key to freedom from this pattern of abuse – Jesus! After your training at the Lord’s Boot Camp, you bus to the Orlando International Airport for a flight across the Straits of Florida, Cuba and the Caribbean Sea to San Salvador, El Salvador. A connecting flight takes you to San Pedro Sula, Honduras. From the airport you bus to the orphanage where you will use the construction skills learned at Boot Camp in building a much needed addition. While there, you will have the opportunity to share the love of Jesus through puppets, dramas, clowns and music, and possibly run a VBS program.  As you play games with the kids, you will get to know and love them so much that at the end of your time together it will be hard to leave. You may also go to nearby parks and marketplaces where crowds will gather to watch your team’s evangelistic presentations. Housing will be indoors; bathing and laundry will be done using a bucket. At the end of this unforgettable trip, you will enjoy shopping for hammocks, machetes and jewelry as well as spending a day on the beach of the Caribbean Sea.

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Project Expense: $2890 U.S. plus $30 Registration fee
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  1. Hi, I know it’s late but are there still any spots for girls available on this trip? Thanks

  2. Are there any spots left? I’m very interested, but I would have to talk quite a bit with my parents before paying and deciding.

  3. Are there any spots left on this trip?

  4. Are the only Honduras trips from June to August, or are there any trips available for June to July?

    • Gabby, There is a list of teams in June and July and a list of teams from the end of June to August. Please look under “2014 Mission Trips” on our website.

  5. Going on this team! Find me on facebook! Grace Dean, Rockton 🙂

  6. Is there any spots open for Honduras? If so do you know how many?

  7. What happens after we sign up? I registered and I am confused on what I should do now.


    • Grace, After we assign you a team, we will send you a support packet. Burma is still open. Depending on the availability of supplies, you will be working most days. However, the kids will be constantly around. There will also be opportunities to minister to the kids.

  8. Hey, I’m going on the trip! I can’t wait! add me on Facebook: Lydia Calderon (I live in Syracuse).

  9. The work listed is construction but the description lists orphanage and childrens’ work.. What will the work/ service be on this trip?

  10. Hey! Gonna be an Amazing Trip:) Add me on FB: Courtney Brenner I live in Innisfill:) Can’t wait to meet you all!

  11. Are there any spots left?

  12. I hey guys I signed up for this trip and I’m super excited! Find me on Facebook : Morgmere McGowan.

  13. Very, very excited about this 🙂 I went on the Italy team last year! Do you know who the head leaders of this team are? Can’t wait!!

  14. I was wondering if the start date for the camp is set in stone. We live in Canada and my son is very interested in joining this mission trip but his school doesn’t get out until June 25th. He is in grade 10 so the last week is exams. If he doesn’t have any exams that last few days that would be ok but most likely he would have one. Any suggestions?

  15. How old do you have to be to go on this mission?
    Also is it entirely from June 19-August 11, 2014?

  16. I’ve been considering this trip, but I have a couple questions. Is the ‘Project Expense’ the total cost for everyone on the trip or just for one person? Also, what’s a VBS program? Thanks!

  17. Would the girls have to wear skirts?

  18. Will there be a construction project for this team too, or is it just evangelism?

  19. In the description I don’t think it mentioned where you will sleep and where laundry is done. Do you know either of those yet?

  20. Does knowing Spanish help? I don’t know any. Is that a problem?

  21. Is there an email I can use to contact someone from Teen Missions with my questions/concerns?

  22. How many people make up a team? How many people would be going on this trip?

    • Payton, We will put up to 25 team members (sometimes more and sometimes less, depending on the team) and four to six leaders.

  23. On the list of teams, it says this is a construction team, but the detailed description sounds like an evangelistic team and makes no mention of a construction project. Is this primarily an evangelistic team?

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