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71 IndianaIndiana Mission TripsUse drama and heartfelt person-to-person evangelism in America’s heartland on this mission trip to county fairs in IllinoisKentucky and Indiana. This powerful team will take a bold stand for Christ in partnership with TTT (Telling The Truth) Ministries. After Boot Camp training, you will travel by bus through FloridaGeorgiaTennessee and Kentucky to TTT in Evansville, Indiana. You will see your boldness grow as God confirms the power of His Word through each conversation. Your team will enjoy Saturday Night youth rallies with the TTT ‘Tiger’ youth and will also spend a day at Holiday World in Santa Claus, Indiana. Enjoy a ride on the “Voyage Roller Coaster”, voted the #1 wooden coaster in the world four years in a row or on water rides like “Wild Beast”, the world’s longest water coaster and “Pilgrim’s Plunge”, the world’s tallest water ride. You will enjoy an evening eating at Indiana’s oldest restaurant, the historic Log Inn where Lincoln once ate. Before heading back to Florida for Debrief, you will have the opportunity to visit the Creation Museum in Petersburg, Kentucky. While there, walk through the pages of God’s Word past engaging exhibits or enjoy one of the many presentations including Men in WhiteSix Days of Creation, and The Last Adam. Housing will be in dorms with showers available.

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  1. Thank you Beth! I’ll have him look into that if he’s interested! Happy Thanksgiving

  2. My son Parker is already on the Indiana team for 2014. One of his youth leaders, who is in his early twenties is interested in going. Would he be able to go as a team member on this trip?

  3. Are there spots still available for a girl?

  4. Are there still spots for boys left on this team?

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