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Get ready to grab your backpack and hit the trail as you hike along the famous Amalfi Coast of Italy before ending the summer in the ancient land of Greece. After Boot Camp training, you will bus to the Orlando International Airport for a flight across the Atlantic Ocean to Rome, Italy, via Frankfurt, Germany. In Rome you will share the love of Jesus as you help a food ministry serve meals and witness to the homeless. After your time in Rome, you will hike along the extensive network of trails on the Amalfi Coast, sharing the Gospel, using drama, puppets and testimonies, with the locals and tourists who vacation in the area. You will then travel to Pompeii to visit the well-preserved ruins of a community that was buried in volcanic ash from the eruption of Mount Vesuvius. After your stay on the Amalfi Coast, you will travel by train to Florence and spend a few days with a local ministry and join their Italian team in evangelism. From Florence, you will travel by train and ferry to Patras, Greece. Here you will come alongside a ministry that houses and ministers to refugees from the Middle East and Northern Africa. Accommodations will be in campgrounds with shower and laundry facilities available. Note: Members of this team should be in good physical health and free of respiratory difficulties. The hiking trails will be easy to moderate.
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Project Expense: $4890 U.S. plus $30 Registration Fee

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  1. What are some ideas for fundraising?

    • Abby, The most important one is to send out your prayer cards and letters that we sent you. You can also do garage sales, spaghetti dinners, bake sale, car wash, etc. Go to businesses and ask for support.

  2. Hello,
    What is the average daily mileage the team will be hiking/backpacking? Would we need all our own backpacks and gear?

    • Owen, It will depend on several factors – weather, ev opportunities, health of team, etc. We will give you the backpack/ information later in the spring.

  3. How many spots are left for boys?

  4. Are there any more spots left for girls?

  5. what is the price for the trip

  6. Hello, I was wondering if the Women’s Lowa Renegade GTX Mid boot is acceptable for this trip

    • Danielle, Only if they are ALL LEATHER (not gortex on the body of the boot), lace up and at least six to eight inches tall.

  7. Are there any spots left for girls to sign up?

    • Krista, Right now it is full. However, you can put that down for your first choice and make sure you put other choices and then state that you want on the waiting list. That way you can start raising support. There will probably be an opening at some point and we can put you on when that happens.

  8. Are there any spots left on this trip?

  9. Hey Mrs. Kostner, so I am an FTM, and I am already signed up for this team and I already got my info I just forgot to send in my picture for my prayer card. Where would I send it to ?

  10. Are there any more positions available for assistant leaders?

  11. is there any spots left in the Italy trip?

  12. I would like to go in two years.
    But i was woundering how i would raise the money?

    • Moriah, There are a lot of ways to raise your support. We send out prayer cards and letters to help you raise it. You can also do fund raisers such as garage sales, bakes sales, etc.

  13. Hi Ms. Beth, I just registered tonight and i was wondering when will i receive more information?

  14. Is this team full yet?

  15. Greetings,
    I went on the Italy trip last year and am interested in going as a leader in 2014. The leadership page states that there is a cost reduction for leaders. What is the reduced cost? Additionally, when is the deadline for signing up as a leader? Do leaders get to choose on which team they go? Thank you for your assistance!

    Luke Neilson

  16. I have one more question. When it say this trip is from June 19 – August 11 does it mean we have to be at bootcamp on the 19th or the 18th? And do we leave the 11th or the 12th?

    • Joel, You can arrive between 10 AM on June 18 and 10 AM on June 19 (anytime in that 24 hour window). You can leave after 9AM (if flying) on the 11th.

  17. Are there still spots left on this trip?

  18. Does TMI provide the backpack for the team or is that one of the items we would need to buy? Also, about how many hours a day would the team be hiking?

    • Wendy, I know that there are teams that have to purchase a backpack and some places (our bases) already have them there. But that information will come out in the spring. The amount of time hiking will vary – depending on the weather, terrain, etc.

  19. What size team were in the past teams (number of members)?
    Do you have a “set number” of adults per teens for the Italy trip?
    How often will there be internet service on this trip?

    My gran daughter just returned from a 60 day mission trip to Panama
    Last year she was a part of a 30 day mission trip to Zambia.
    She is praying about going with your ministry in 2014.

    • Billie, We take up to 25 team members and 3-6 leaders (larger teams with more leaders usually). The team members are not allowed to use the internet/cell phone/regular phone while on a Teen Missions team. It would take a LOT of time away from the project if we allowed it. Also, internet is VERY expensive in foreign countries, especially Europe. The team members correspond by snail mail. The leaders send in two reports weekly that will be posted on our website.

  20. Does the trip cost include airfare?

    • Vanessa, The airfare to your project company is covered. However, your round-trip transportation to/from Florida is not included.

  21. So we just hike? How is that ministry?

    • Natalie, You will be witnessing as you hike. You will be doing presentations in campgrounds. Read the reports from this year to get a better idea.

  22. Since this is not a work team, what kind of training will they receive while at boot camp?

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