Madagascar Motorcycle Sunday School Mission — Teen Trip

Missions Trip to MadagascarMissions Trip Madagascar
We provide the motorcycle, helmet, and jacket; you provide a willing heart, and together we can reach hundreds in Madagascar for Jesus. Following specialized training at the Lord’s Boot Camp, you will bus to Orlando International Airport to board a flight to Washington D. C. A connecting flight across the Atlantic Ocean takes you to Johannesburg, South Africa where you will overnight at the Teen Missions South Africa base, before continuing on to Antananarivo, Madagascar. From Antananarivo you bus 14 hours north to the Teen Missions in Madagascar Bible, Missionary & Work Training Center near Mahajanga, on the coast of the Indian Ocean. Here you will join the MSSM Riders on their Circuit to different villages as they share the Gospel of Jesus Christ. You will assist at the Sunday schools by teaching Bible lessons, phonics, quizzing, crafts and playing games with the children. There will also be opportunities to share the Gospel through puppets, drama and music at nearby churches and in the community. Housing will be in tents; bathing and laundry will be done using a bucket. You will have the opportunity to visit a nearby cave and wildlife refuge where you can see lemurs, as well as barter for souvenirs such as hammocks, drums, vanilla, baskets and jewelry. Important information: Team members must be at least 16 years old and have a valid U.S. or Canadian Driver’s License.

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Project Expense: $5290 U.S. plus $30 Registration Fee
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  1. Do you have to have the drivers license now when you register or just by the time you get to boot camp?

    • Marnrey, As long as you have it before Boot Camp, that would be fine. We will need you to bring it and send us a copy of it.

  2. Are there any spots open? If not, are there anymore motorcycle missions?

  3. Parent page started on FB-
    TMI Madagascar 2014 Family Page! Join today!

  4. Hi. I’m 17 and I was wondering if there will be 2015 mission trips like this one.

  5. I was wondering which trips to Africa for summer 2014 are still available and aren’t full yet?

    • Connor, Madagascar is full; Zambia Eyeglass & Medical is full to girls and Cameroon is full or close to being full of girls. The rest are wide open.

  6. So, would we be actually driving the motorcycles? Or would someone else be driving?

  7. I live in Canada, I’m 17 and I have my N, which means I can drive by my self, but its not technically a full licence. Would I still be able to go on this team?

    • Caitlyn, That is hard to answer. What is the difference from what you have and what is a “full license”? Also, Madagascar is full at this time (but there will be cancellations and/or switches), but we are sending a motorcycle team to Borneo and it is in Early Boot Camp.

  8. Are there any spots left?

  9. Hey guys! I’m so excited for next summer and I can’t wait to meet you all. 🙂 Here’s a group I made so we can talk before the trip-

  10. IF I sign up for this team and don’t put a second or third choice. If the teem is full will i just not go at all. or will tmi assign a different team.

    • Abi, At this time, it is full, but that can and will change. Please pick another choice so that you can start raising your support. If you indicate that you want on the waiting list (we don’t do it automatically), once there is a cancellation, we will call you and you can switch. All of your support will go with you. You don’t need a license until you arrive at Boot Camp, so as long as you have it before then, you will be fine.

  11. If I sign up for the teen now, but don’t get my liscence till December. Is it an issue? Do I need it to sign up? Or just when I get to bootcamp?

  12. Is a full driver’s license required? I will have completed a year-long period with my permit by then, but the NC DMV issues a limited license for 6 months afterwards until you can get a full license. Is this an issue?

  13. Hey Ms. Kosner I am Jonathan. I was wonderingif you can double check for me if this team has any spots left? It would stink a lot if I signed up and there were no more spots. So if you can double check for me that would be fantastic! Thank you so much for your time.


    • Jonathan, I will not be in the office until next week. If I were you, I would go ahead and register and make sure to put a second choice. If it is full, we can put you on the waiting list and you would need to request that (we don’t automatically to that). You would get on, but it may be later in the spring and you need to start raising your support.

  14. How many spots are left on this team?

    • Lauren, Madagascar is almost, if not already, full. We only take 16 team members because of the number of bikes in Madagascar.

  15. Beth,
    I know normally TMI allows around 25ish teens go on a team, will this team have a smaller amount able to go because of motorcycle availability?

  16. Hi Mrs. Kostner! I was wondering, are any teams full yet?

  17. My son will be 16 and have his driver’s license by the time this trip happens (May 13). Could he still sign up?

    • Tamara, Yes, as long as he has a valid driver’s license by the time of Boot Camp, he can go. However, this is one of our most popular teams and will fill quickly, so please sign up quickly.

  18. Hi Beth, will they teach everything about the motorcycle and how to ride it at boot camp?

  19. do you have to know how to ride a motorcycle or is that taught to you at the specialized training?

  20. What type of motorcycle would we be using?

  21. What is bath and laundry like on this team?

    • Lauren, When they are at the base, they will have showers. However, if they spend the night out, it will be tents. Bucket laundry for both.

  22. I want to bring my guitar on whatever team I go on, can you bring a guitar on a motorcycle team?

    • Heather, Yes, you can bring your guitar. However, if several bring their guitars, some will need to leave behind for when you get back to Debrief.

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