Madagascar Motorcycle

403 MadagascarMadagascar Motorcycle
Dates: February 2–21, 2014
If you love motorcycles, children and adventure this could be the team for you! Following orientation in Merritt IslandFlorida, you travel to the Orlando International Airport and board a flight to Antananarivo, the capital of Madagascar, via Miami and South Africa. After a night in a guesthouse, you will travel 14 hours north to the Teen Missions in Madagascar base outside the port city of Mahajanga. You will take a day to familiarize yourself with the 250cc motorcycles before joining the Motorcycle Sunday School Mission (MSSM) Circuit Riders, riding with them from village to village. You will assist the riders daily in teaching Sunday school, playing games, teaching phonics and making crafts. The Malagasy children are beautiful and eager for your attention. If you don’t ride, find someone who does and you can ride behind them or we will provide the driver. The majority of the population in this area are Muslim and very impoverished. The ministry of MSSM is making an impact and changing lives. Housing will be in tents while on the Circuit and in dorms at the base. Have fun bartering for leather goods, baskets, vanilla, musical instruments and various other souvenirs before you return home.
Contributions Equal To: $3490 U.S. plus $30 Registration Fee


  1. Kenya 92035 – Best part of my teenage years!
    Is this still open? What are the opportunities? Leader? I am intrigued and want my feet back in Africa…

  2. Do you have to know how to ride a motorcycle to go to this trip or are they going to teach you?

  3. Does the total cost include airfare?

    • Michael, It includes round-trip transportation to/from Florida to the project site. It does NOT include round-trip transportation to/from Florida.

  4. Hello,

    Is this trip one that I could bring my 16 year old with me. He rides motorcycles and is a great rider. I am trying to find a short term trip in 2014 I can do with my kids. I have a 14 and 16 year old. Please let me know what may be available.



    • Chris, If you are wanting to be a leader on the team that both boys are on, then you could not be a leader on this one as the 14 year old would not be old enough. However, there are plenty of teams that you all three could attend. If you are interested in leading a team with your children, you will need to contact the Leader Placement Dept.

  5. are the dates published for Madagascar Motorcycle including training time? or is 2/2 – 2/21 the total time for this trip? travel to merritt island 2/1 and back home 2/22?

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