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Help those living in poverty by being part of a team working to improve the quality of life for AIDS orphans and other residents in remote African villages. In Malawi, “The Warm Heart of Africa,” your team will bring the Good News of Jesus and offer hope for a better life. After Boot Camp training, you bus to the Orlando International Airport for a flight to Lilongwe, Malawi via Washington D.C. and Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. Your team will continue on to the  Teen Missions in Malawi base in Chipoka, located on the beautiful shores of Lake Malawi. After a day of packing your supplies, you truck to an AIDS Orphan Rescue Unit to begin your ministry. Your project will include activities such as: clearing a volleyball and soccer field, teaching Bible Stories, singing and playing games with the orphans, helping improve literacy through phonics, and constructing a community toilet building to improve sanitation. Customs clearance has been approved for the drilling rig, so you will have the opportunity to drill new wells to provide life-giving fresh water along with the Living Water of Christ. Housing is in tents; bathing and laundry will be done using a bucket. At the end of the summer you will travel to Nkhotakota National Park! Have your camera ready because here you may see crocodiles, elephants, lions, zebras, buffalo and many types of antelope. A shopping day at Senga Bay is also planned to shop for wood carvings, hand crafted jewelry and drums of all sizes as well as a time of relaxation on the beach.
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  1. Is there any room for girls? Thanks for the dedication in answering all our questions! It’s very helpful 🙂

    • Ayla, The second Boot Camp is still open. I cannot remember if the first Boot Camp is still open. If it is, there are only 1-2 spots.

  2. Is this missions trip full?

  3. Is this team full to girls, Beth? Thanks.

  4. How do I know when it is full?

  5. Hi Beth, my prayer cards say the team i want which is early boot camp Malawi well drilling but my support letters say the super boot camp number this kinda confuses me.

  6. Will they be at the Melissa Foster Rescue Unit?

  7. Hi, is this team going to one or two Rescue Units? I saw the second boot camp is going to two, is the first boot camp going to one rescue unit?

  8. I’m so excited still from last year! I plan on signing up again, but if anyone new going in 2014 wants info feel free to ask and I’ll try to answer anything to the beat of my ability!

  9. I’m am so excited to be going on this trip. I have a few questions.
    – How do you raise all the money?
    – Usally how cold is it there?
    – Can you send letters to family while on this trip?
    – Is there anything else I need to know about this trip?

  10. I just signed up for this team! 🙂 If anyone else has signed up, come join our group on Facebook called “Malawi Well Drilling 2014 FIRST BOOT CAMP”

  11. Will we be doing mostly well drilling or will we do a lot of Children’s ministry too?

  12. This would be my second time going on a team, and the last one I went on they said that I should be an assistant leader. I will be 17 opinion October. Will I be able to be an assistant leader on this team?

  13. are there going to be animals around

  14. is it going to be the same well drill that i saw at boot camp

  15. HI, are there going to be buildings and stores close by, or is it out in the boonies?

    Also the second boot camp, do they get pizza and a milkshake at the end of boot camp as well? My brother went last year and said that the second boot camp had pizza and milk shake with them. (he was on the first boot camp)

    • Rebekah, They will be remote, so there may not be a store. This year, the pizza and milk shake was in between the Boot Camps, so both got it. It has been that way for several years now.

  16. Is this one of the largest teams? I noticed that this is the only country that has two teams (one in the first boot camp and another in the second) so I was wondering if that would make each Malawi team especially large or would it make each Malawi team smaller since there are two teams this year at different times.

    • Sarah, The Early team was one of our smaller teams and the Super Boot Camp team was average size. The Philippines was our largest this summer.

  17. How many wells would we be digging this summer?

  18. Is there a debrief at all on this trip? Sound incredible!

  19. Will it be really hot, temperature wise, while there?

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