Malawi Is Working Alongside The Students

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Greetings from Malawi! The BMW school is running here as we are here. The students have taken a week off of classes to work alongside our team around the base. “I just learned how to make flour from peanuts,” Julia Crawford said one day earlier this week. It is indicative of the kind of experiences we are having here. The team has enjoyed working alongside the students. learning things like how to construct a fence out of long grass, hand planing wood for 2x4s to be used in carpentry projects, composting and spreading goat manure over the plants and in the garden, and helping to clear land. Others have been helping to sort beans for the kitchen. But no matter what the job is, we are working alongside these joyful Malawians. It is neat to watch as the students and the team members bond.
We are working toward building  bathroom and we are beginning to dig for the foundation. We hope in the next few days to begin pouring the cement. In the meantime, we will continue to work around the base in the every day tasks of the students.
The weather is clear and dry, in the 70s during the day and cold at night. We are thankful for the weather.
We look forward to digging the foundation and starting the bathroom block.Continue to lift us up in your prayers as you think of us!


  1. Sandee Jo Schankweiler

    Love to read about all the hard work the team is doing. It blesses me. So proud of you Toniejo!!! Love you and miss you so much!!!!

  2. It’s so awesome to hear about you’re work . I am so proud of all of you, makin God smile. Love you Marina!

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