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Malawi Missions TripBe part of a team that shares the love of Jesus by planting fruit trees and being involved in clothing distribution among needy children in Malawi! Following Boot Camp you bus to Orlando International Airport for a flight to Washington D.C. A connecting flight takes you across the Atlantic Ocean to Lilongwe, Malawi via Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. From the airport, your team travels to the Teen Missions in Malawi base in Chipoka, located on the beautiful shores of Lake Malawi. Your project of planting fruit trees will help provide food at our AIDS Orphans Rescue Units. You will also help hand out clothing shipped to Malawi in one of Teen Missions 10-ton shipping containers. Imagine being able to give new clothes to a little boy or girl who owns only one shirt. Not only do these kids need clothing and food, but they need something even more important— the love of Jesus! You will share God’s Word by telling Bible stories, using puppets and leading Sunday School crafts. Housing will be in tents; bathing and laundry will be done using a bucket. At the end of the summer you will travel to Nkhotakota National Park! Have your camera ready because here is where you may see crocodiles, elephants, lion, zebra, buffalo and many types of antelope. A shopping day at Senga Bay is also planned to barter for wood carvings, hand craft jewelry and drums of all sizes.

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Estimated Project Expense: $4290 U.S. plus $30 Registration Fee
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  1. just wondering if there is anyway to see online how much money has been processed for trip?

    • Krista, Not at this time. However, you can call the office on Jan. 7 when everyone is back at work. Ask for the Finance Dept.

  2. Just wondering how many kids are signed up fort he trip?

  3. We had a son on the South Africa Preteen trip last year. What vaccines and immunizations are required for this trip?

  4. Yikes. The price range was between 3290-3590
    Now it says 4290. Can you tell me why the big
    Price Hike. ????

    • Kelly, The airfare came in a lot higher than we anticipated. That was the only one (I think) that we were not in the “range’ on.

  5. Two very excited kids looking forward to a TMI summer experience with GOD… 🙂

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