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Be on Teen Missions first team to Myanmar (formerly known as Burma) where you will build a dormitory for the Rahkine Children’s Orphanage. Myanmar, home to some of the oldest civilizations of Southeast Asia, is bordered by China, Thailand, India, Laos and Bangladesh. What a unique opportunity to experience all these cultures in one place! After training at the Lord’s Boot Camp, you fly from the Orlando International Airport to OHare International in Chicago. Connecting flights take you across Canada, the Pacific Ocean and the International Date Line to Hong Kong, China, and on to Yangon, the capital of Myanmar. From the airport, an eight-hour journey by bus takes you across the Irrawaddy River and the Arakan Mountains to Gwa, located on the Bay of Bengal. The children of the orphanage will be happy to greet you and share in the excitement of your arrival. After getting settled in, you will begin construction on the dormitory and toilet/shower building. During free time, enjoy playing games with the kids and sharing the love of Christ through music, puppets and dramas that you learned at Boot Camp. Housing will be in a building; bathing and laundry will be done using a bucket. You return to Yangon for a day of shopping at Scott Market for brass, wood, jewelry and pearls. At the end of your trip, you overnight in Hong Kong where you will shop for your last-minute souvenirs at one of the world’s best Chinese night markets and take a ride on the Star Ferry across Hong Kong Harbor.
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Project Expense: $4990 U.S. plus $30 Registration Fee

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  1. Do you have all the assistant leaders?

  2. I set up a Facebook page for this Myanmar/Burma Orphanage Trip to get to know the team members. I don’t know how many are already signed up for this trip, but I hope you’ll join!

  3. Hey, I was just wondering if there is still room on this trip for girls? Thanks!

  4. I would turn 13 while we are
    On this mission. could I still go or not?

  5. I really like to Volunteer but the problem is I’m not U.S. citizen also I don’t have a passport. what can I do?

  6. Will most of our time be spent on construction? Are their any spaces left for girls?

  7. Have the leaders been chosen for this team yet?

  8. Hello,

    What a blessing your ministry is as they are able to reach the most needy. I have a few questions regarding the mission trip.
    1. How safe is the trip as far as any insurgents being a problem?
    2. Have you been to this region before?
    3. What people group will they be visiting? Falam, Chin, etc.?
    4. Is this ministry for age 13-19?
    5. Are you affiliated with a church? I know it is non-denominational.
    6. How many are going and do you still have room?
    Thank you for the information.

    Tim Gonzales

    • Tim, 1. At this point, it is safe. We will not send a team into an area that we feel is unsafe. We will switch the team, even at the last moment, if we need to. 2. We have not sent an American team to Myanmar before. However, one of our staff went there last spring to set up the team. 3. The team will be located in the small town of Gwa in the Racine State. 4. Yes, it if for the teen group. 5. No, we are not affiliated with any particular church. We will have all different denominations represented on all our teams (from Mennonite, Presbyterians, Baptists, Nondenominational, etc.). 6. We will take up to 25 kids and yes, there is still room.

  9. My father is taking quite a while to decide whether he’s going to let me go on this trip or not, so I was wondering…. for a trip like this one, how much longer do you think before this team fills up? Within the month?

  10. Miss Kostner,
    At first, it said we would be housing in tents, but now in a building? I was just wondering how remote this team will be? Thanks

  11. I have received my passport, do I need to mail in a copy of it or can I scan and email a copy? If so, what email address do I use for this type of correspondence?

  12. Hello! I signed up for this team, but have not heard anything yet. With my other teams I got a e-mail back saying it was received. This is my first teen team as I will be 13 in January! I am very excited to work with the orphans and do construction. work..For those of you who are nervous about going to another country don’t be God is with you and I always had great leaders. I went to malawi when I was 11-South africa when I was 12- and hopefully Burma when I am 13- Please check my registration to see if it went through–Thanks!!.

    • Aliza, You are registered, but our copy machine is down, so we can’t print prayer cards and letters until it is back up. We did send you an email.

  13. on the sign up form, what you put if you do not attend a church, and what would you put if you dont have a dad?

  14. Hello, I am just wondering what is the exact cost for this trip?

    • Kris, We are nailing down the airlines now. Once we have their cost, then we will post the current cost of the trips. Right now, a “range” is listed. Most of the time, the team’s cost will fall into that range. However, sometimes it is less and sometimes more.

  15. I sent an email to TMI a week ago and I have not gotten an answer yet. When will I get an answer?

    • Sharon, What was the email about? You might want to resend it as it may be lost in cyberspace. You could also call the office (321-453-0350).

  16. How many have already signed up for the Burma trip? What is the max allowed for this trip? Thanks!

  17. Does TMI ever plant churches outside of the times the teens are there on summer trips?

    • Sharon, We do Sunday schools in remote areas where there are not churches, but we do not plant regular churches. However, we work with many churches.

  18. Will this teams girls be wearing skirts?

  19. Hi Beth,

    Where will the Burma team be debriefing?


    • Landon, All teams debrief in Florida.

      • Thanks Beth, it looks like a lot has changed since my Israel/Egypt 1992 trip. We would like to register our son for this team but I have several additional questions I would like to ask you offline prior to doing so. Should I use the main TMI email address from the contact page or do you have an address at which I can email you directly?


  20. Hi I wanted to ask if the trips are only for people living in the US? I live in S.E. Asia and am really very interested because I really feel like God wants me to do this. Thanks! I appreciate it! 😀

    P.S: I am half Burmese and want to reassure anyone who is going there that it is a great place to go and after a while you get way to intrigued by the people and culture to notice the bad roads and simple way of life.

    • Veena, You may come to the US and participate. You will probably need a visa. We run the same program in the Philippines and Indonesia.

  21. So I was wondering, I will be 14 by the time this rolls around, and I’m from Alaska. I have been wanting to get in on out of country missions trips for a while, and I have already put in over 5k miles in Alaska doing children’s ministry with Child Evangelism Fellowship (CEF). My question is, would this country be safe? Stupid question I know, but I need assurance before I put myself in the line that the team leaders are responsible and experienced. Sheesh, this is half for my parents to be assured anyways…..

    • Casey, “The safest place to be is in the center of God’s will”. And I don’t say that lightly. The leaders have not been assigned, but there will be experienced leaders going since this is the first time we are sending an American team there. My husband set it up and he says it is VERY safe (at this time). If you parents have more concerns, please have them call us!

  22. Will there be a lots of incents burning in the streets? This sounds like a odd question but from past experiences I know I get noshes when I smell that sent. I have bean to India with my church and scents Burma is so close, I am guessing there is, but my mom said I should ask. I am very exited about Burma!

  23. Every spends the entire 8 weeks over there? Thanks

  24. What will the showers be like on this trip? Will they be using a bucket?

  25. Has there ever been a Teen Missions Burma trip before?

  26. Will the orphan kids be on or off sight?

  27. Will the orphans be on sight? Will we spend lots of time working with the orphans and other kids?

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