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Share your faith with those you meet as you travel across the southern United States to the national and state parks of the Old West. After Commissioning at the Lord’s Boot Camp, you will bus across the southern states of Florida, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, Texas and New Mexico to parks in Arizona and Utah, sharing the Gospel along the way. Enjoy God’s beautiful creation as you visit the scenic Grand Canyon, Slide Rock State Park, Arches National Park and the majestic Monument Valley, which stretches across the largest Navajo Indian Reservation in the U.S. At each campground you will walk through to invite fellow campers to your campfire, where your team will share the Gospel through puppets, drama, singing and Christian testimonies. Part of your project time will be spent at The Conference Center at El Nathan Ministries in Flagstaff, Arizona, where you will lend a hand in helping to improve their facilities. While in Arizona, you will have the opportunity to hike the Grand Canyon. At the beautiful and colorful Slide Rock State Park in Sedona, Arizona you will be able to enjoy the natural water slides carved through solid rock.
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  1. How do I order more cards and letters?

    • Mitchell, There should have been a pink slip in your packet. If not, call the office later in the week (we are mailing out the brochure this week).

  2. Can you confirm if I’ve been placed on the Old West Team for Summer 2014? Thanks!

  3. What happened with the preteen trip? I was just about to sign my preteen up and my husband was considering finding out about going along as a leader.

    • Tracie, We cancelled the Preteen Old West team.

      • My son, who was planning on going on the preteen trip that cancelled, turns 13 August 29th and has extensive camping/backpacking experience. Is there anyway he could join the teen trip since he’s so close to 13?

        • Tracie, It shouldn’t be a problem. Just send an email to the attention of the director.

          • I have registered him, but couldn’t find a way to email a director. Also, my husband may be interested in being a leader. Are there restrictions on the number of leaders?

          • Tracie, To email the director, send it to [email protected] and put to the attention of the director. Please have your husband contact the Leader Placement Department (321-453-0350).

          • Sorry, cannot find email address on the site to address to the director.

          • Tracie, Please call the office and we will give it to you (321-453-0350). It is not showing up here even though I type it.

  4. Do the teen and pre-teen teams travel and work together on this trip?

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