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Come to an exotic Caribbean island off the coast of Panama. After Boot Camp training, your team will head to the Orlando International Airport for a flight to Miami and then across the Straits of Florida, Cuba and the Caribbean Sea to Panama City, Panama. You will travel by four-wheel drive vehicle from the Panama City airport over the mountains to the Kuna Reservation port on the northern coast. You will then travel four hours by boat along the coastline of the Caribbean Sea to your project site. You will be working with Kuna Youth Mission on the island of San Ignacio de Tupile building a feeding center. The Kuna are an indigenous people of Panama and Colombia who live on the beaches of the Caribbean Sea, with plots of land in the jungle where they grow plantains, mangos, pineapples and other fruits. Come share the hope found in Jesus Christ using music, puppets and drama with people who desperately need salvation, who are trapped in ancient traditions of spirit worship and superstitions. Housing will be in a dormitory; bathing and laundry will be done using a bucket. You will have a chance to go swimming in the crystal blue waters of the Caribbean Sea. A shopping day in Panama City will allow you to see the Panama Canal and to purchase traditional Kuna dresses, drums, beaded jewelry and much more.


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Project Expense: $3190 U.S. plus $30 Registration Fee
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  1. Is there space still available for this trip?

  2. Are there still girl spots open for this?

  3. Are we going to mister to kids are just do contruction?

  4. How many openings are left on this trip?

  5. Also, are a passport and visa required for this trip?

    • Tom, A passport is required for ALL teams unless they are staying in the US. There is special documentation required for minors going to Panama. That information will come out later in the spring.

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