Philippines Typhoon Relief — Teen Trip – Project Changed

Missions Trip to Philippines

Philippines Missions TripBe a part of the relief efforts in the city of Tacloban, Philippines, which was utterly devastated by the recent Typhoon Haiyan. After completing training at the Lord’s Boot Camp, you bus to the Orlando International Airport for a flight to Los Angeles. A connecting flight across the Pacific Ocean and the International Date Line takes you to Hong Kong, China, and then on to Cebu, Philippines. From there, an overnight ferry takes you across the Camotes Sea and into the Leyte Gulf to Tacloban, on the island of Leyte, the same city that General Douglas MacArthur fulfilled his “I shall return” promise to the Filipino people to end the Japanese occupation during World War II. Here you will begin rebuilding a church that is pastored by the brother of one of our Teen Missions in the Philippines staff members. Clearing debris, providing fresh water, and working with feeding programs will help to reconstruct a city laid waste by the fury of Typhoon Haiyan and bring hope to people who have lost everything. You will be staying in tents; bathing and laundry will be done using a bucket. At the end of your trip, you will return to Hong Kong for an overnight hotel stay. A ride on the Star Ferry across Hong Kong Harbor takes you to one of the world’s best Chinese night markets where you can shop for last-minute souvenirs.
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Project Expense: $4990 U.S. plus $30 Registration Fee

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  1. Is the team for this trip filled up yet? Or is there still room for more people to join?

  2. After boot camp, how long are you gone for the mission trip? I am wanting to go, but I would need to know when we would be getting done.

  3. Do you need any special vaccinations for this trip?

  4. If we order new prayer cards/ support letters will they have the updated project information on them and the updated field address on the prayer cards?

    • Dylan, The field address will stay the same for now. We need to let them get a little more settled before getting another address. I am not sure if we have changed the project letter yet, but we will get on that today.

  5. It wonderful to hear about Tacloban being chosen to be in Mission list,and i am so happy to know this.

  6. Hi, I am just curious if there is a way that we can check our finance record of the contributions online somewhere? I know that we get a letter in the mail every month, I was just wondering if we can check online also. Thank you!

  7. dose the price include air fare

    • Franklin, It includes your round-trip airfare to/from the Philippines. It does not include your round-trip transportation to/from Florida.

  8. Was wondering if there is an Australian team going over to the Philippines?

  9. Beth, I know this is not the right forum, but I don’t know where else to put this …. do you know when someone will be able to respond to an email that I sent out Nov 8 regarding volunteer work in the kitchen??

  10. Hi, I am interested in this trip. But I do not live in USA. I am a filipino living in British Columbia, Canada. I am visiting my family in the Philippines this May 2014, since the trip is on June I can meet you in the Philippines. I am also 19 years old. I hope I can join this trip 🙂

    • Eloise, I am sorry, but if you go with the American team, you are required to attend Boot Camp. However, we do have a Philippine Boot Camp in the spring if you are interested.

  11. So I was reading some if the other comments and I saw that you said we can’t request to be in the same tent as our ‘friend’ but if we don’t feel comfortable sleeping in the same tent as someone we don’t really know is there a way we could sleep in the same tent as our ‘friend’ until we get to know someone good enough to feel comfortable to sleep in the same tent as them?? I just think I would feel uncomfortable sleeping in the same tent with someone I just met…

    • Kayla, VERY few come on a team and already know someone on the team. It may not be comfortable at first (Boot Camp is not comfortable), but you will get to know that person along with others on the team. If you tent with someone you know, you will have a tendency to just stick with that person. Your team deserves to get to know you and you deserve to know the others on your team. Tenting with someone you know just doesn’t work well and it doesn’t promote team unity.

  12. With the project change will we still be working with a children’s ministry? I know it mentions the feeding programs and I was wondering if the children’s ministry is included in that. Still sounds like an amazing ministry and am really excited to serve in these ways this summer!

    • Dylan, No, you won’t be working with the children’s ministry (different island), but there will be lots of kids around.

  13. I am interested in going on this trip. I am still in high school but turn 18 in a month, would that make me to old to go on a teen trip?

  14. I’m really interested in this trip and wondering how many spots you have left for girls? I’m also wondering what the weather is usually like around the time of this trip? If you know any answers to these questions that would be great! Thanks!

    • Kassidy, It is still wide open. It is hot and humid – much like Florida :). Check tomorrow for the project change – it will now be a relief team in Tacloban.

  15. Me and my cousin want to go on this trip but our parents said we can only go if we are in the same “group” and dorm as each other so we are together. Is there any way that we could be in the same “group” and dorm so are parents would let us go?

    • Jessica, You can be on the same team. The girls are usually housed in one dorm (not necessarily the same room). We wouldn’t want you to tent together, but all the tents are “together”, you just wouldn’t be in the same tent. We want you to get to know EVERYONE on your team.

  16. If I want to be in the same “group” with somebody an like be in the same dorm as them, is there any way I could request that??

    • Kayla, No, because we don’t want you to “pair off”. We want you to get to know everyone on the team, not just your friend(s).

  17. Will the Super Typhoon that hit the Philippines affect the team or project in any way?

    • Dylan, We have not heard from our base there yet. It shouldn’t affect the ministry with the children, but the project at the base could change if there is any major damage.

  18. Hi I have a quick question. Is it going to be possible to do fundraising if you know you can’t afford the whole trip cost?

  19. Hey sorry to bug you again. I just have one more quick question. On the online registration form, it tells boys no earrings and such, does that apply to girls as well? Also is it ok to have a little nose piercing? I already have one so will I need to take it out or is it permitted?
    Thanks again!
    Look forward to my trip!

  20. Hi quick question for you. How long does it take for you to let us know what team/place we are going to and how will you let us know? (In a letter, on an Email, etc.)

    • Sierra, We will send an email on the day you are registered. The packet goes out that day or the next. Our copy machine is down since Thursday, so we are a little behind in sending packets.

  21. Now one question. When I pick my first team do I have to pick the 3 others and if so does that mean, even if I raised enough money and there is still a spot left, that I will or will not go on my first choice?

    • Ken, We ask that you make four choices. If your first choice is full, then we go to your second choice and so on. Once you are assigned one of your choices, that is where you will go unless you let us know that you want to switch.

  22. Hi, just a quick question. As for the memory verses, a person going on a second trip has additional scripture to learn with
    their verses does this include those who have previously been on a preteen team but not a teen team?

    • Dylan, If you have been on a Preteen team and this is your first teen team, then you are not considered a former team member when it comes to classes and verses – you are a first-year teen team member.

  23. Will the team be working with The Lighthouse Street Children Ministry in Manila or with a different ministry? (My aunt used to be a missionary at the lighthouse ministry)

  24. I was just wondering if during the course of the trips, are there any times set aside to call home since it said no cellphones allowed? or if the only communications with parents was by letter.

    • Manessah, It is sometimes very difficult to call home from overseas, especially when you are talking about 30+ people. You have raised the support to do your project. You may write home as often as you like. The leaders will send in email reports twice weekly to the office and those will be posted online.

  25. Will we be working with orphans on this trip? If so in what respect?

    • Rebekah, Please read the reports from this summer and it will give you an idea of what the team will do.

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