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Missions Trip to South Africa — Teen

South Africa, a multi-cultural country on Africa’s southern tip, is a great place to make a difference this summer! After Commissioning you will bus to the Orlando International Airport for a flight across the Atlantic Ocean to Johannesburg, South Africa, via Frankfurt, Germany. Teen Missions in South Africa,, located in Pretoria, the capital of South Africa, has a ministry called Samaritan Ladies. The purpose of this outreach is to share the truth of the Gospel with women who make their living on the street. Some of the women that have heard the Gospel have come to Christ, but have no skills to earn a living for themselves and their children. You will help build a center that will be used to teach computer skills, sewing, baking and jewelry-making, so that these ladies can get off the streets. You will also work with AIDS orphans on the weekends by teaching Sunday school lessons, phonics, Bible quizzing, crafts and playing games with the children. It will be winter here, so be sure to bring warm clothing. Housing will be in dorms with showers available; laundry will be done using a bucket. Enjoy a safari to Pilanesberg National Game Park, where you may see the “Big Five” – lions, leopards, elephants, rhinoceros and water buffalo. You may also see giraffes, baboons, zebras and antelope. Shopping for handcrafted items such as wooden animal carvings, canes, brightly-colored clothing, baskets, dolls, and beaded jewelry will help you remember your time in South Africa.

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  1. Hi. Do u have to go to church to go on a mission trip? Do u have to be christen?

    • Danyka, No and no. However, we are a Christian organization and we will be spreading the Gospel of Christ wherever we go.You will be required to attend church while on a team and will be a part of Bible studies, etc.

  2. Hey, I was wondering if there were still any spots open for girls or if it was filled already?

  3. Hi! is the trip full?

  4. what are the dates for bootcamp

  5. Are there any special vaccines required?

  6. This team is considered a work team, right?

  7. Hello,
    If I were to raise funds for the trip what would I have to raise? Is the price listed including our airfare from Orlando to where our team travels to? Are we allowed to fundraise if we can’t fully afford the trip as well?

    • Carrie, Your transportation to/from your project country from Florida is included. Your roundtrip transportation to/from Florida is not included. We provide prayer cards and letters to help you raise your support, so yes, you can fund raise. That is how most people get their support.

  8. Hi, I have a question, is the whole trip from June 19- August 11? If not how long is the trip exactly? How many weeks or months?



  9. My daughter wants to participate in the Africa mission trip for 2014. However she will not be with a church group. How often do youth come by themselves and does the leaders make them feel included in the team with others that come in church groups? How often do teens come individually? Are they allowed to bring a phone for pictures? How do we get the packet for her to register? Is there a way for a parent to go for two weeks of the trip considering I can not take off 6 weeks from work?

    • Nicole, Most of the kids that come do not know anyone on their team. It is very rare for more than one person from the same church go on the same trip. The leaders usually do not know any of the kids on their team (unless they are local) before they arrive for Boot Camp. Boot Camp is a great training tool to get the kids to become a “team” – especially since almost all of them are strangers. No, they cannot bring a phone for pictures. They will need to purchase a digital camera. You can register online and after registration, we will send you a packet. Although parents are not allowed to go on the trip for just two weeks (parents can go as leaders, but that is very rare), you can come down for her Boot Camp training and volunteer for those two weeks. Just call the office and ask for the “volunteer coordinator”.

      • Question for clarification. From your response….is it rare that parents want to go or is it rare if parents are allowed to go as team leaders? How many teens go on the trip to Africa? What is the leader to teen ratio when going?

        • Another question…could a parent go as a leader and forego the initial 2 weeks of training in Florida therefore only needing to take 4 weeks leave from work to go to Africa with their teen? What if the teen becomes sick while there-are they sent home?

          • Nichole, No, if you are a leader, you would have to go through the training with the team. That time is invaluable. A teen RARELY has to go home due to illness. It is rare for a teen to have to be hospitalized. Almost all illnesses are minor and can be teated in country.

        • Nichole, Most parents don’t go due to their circumstances or choices. We will take up to 25 team members and four to six leaders.

  10. hi
    I live in Canada.. I would have to fly to Orlando, correct?
    also do we have to pay for the cost of the flight to South Africa?

    • Jill, You are responsible for your round-trip transportation to/from Orlando. The round-trip transportation to your project is included in what you have to raise.

  11. Hi! Two questions about this trip: I live in Atlanta so if I were to participate would it be possible for me to join the group in Atlanta and avoid the travel to Orlando, which seems to make more sense. Also, again if I were to be accepted into this program, would it be possible for the airfare to and from Johannesburg to be deducted from the price and I could purchase my ticket separately using skymiles on the same flight?

    • Mary, Boot Camp is a VERY important part of the trip. This is where you receive our training and bond with your team members, so you are required to attend. Therefore, you cannot meet up with the team in Atlanta. Also, you cannot book your ticket to SA separately.

  12. How long is the mission trips?

  13. Is the mission trip June all the way through August or do you choose when you go and leave?

  14. So if I live in Chicago, and we’re supposed to meet in Florida to then go from there to the site, is airfare from Chicago to Florida to the site and back all included, or just Florida to the site and back?

    • Maria, Your round-trip airfare to/from S. Africa is included. You will need to provide your round-trip transportation to/from Florida.

  15. Will we be doing anything else than building the center?

  16. So does the main work project consist of constructing the “Samaritan Girls” center?

    • Bekah, “has a ministry called Samaritan Girls. Teen Missions is building a center to teach computers, sewing, baking and jewelry-making skills, so these girls can provide for themselves and their children”. That is what it says! 🙂

  17. Do we pay for our own airfare, or is it included in the price?

    • Shannon, Your round-trip airfare (along with ground transportation) to/from Florida to your project site is included. Round-trip transportation to/from Florida is NOT included.

  18. How will they payment arrangements be made?

  19. Do we pay that full price or can payments be made? If payments can be how would they work out?

  20. What exactly will the team be doing here??

  21. What does it mean when it says working at the AIDS orphans on the weekends, what will be the plan to do then.

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