The Arizona Team Love Singing

Our team is AMAZING!  Through all the trials and challenges that have come their way, they have had wonderful attitudes.  Even when they are feeling homesick or upset, the leaders are able to help them to turn their eyes and focus back to the Lord. They are learning to lean on Him. The team has grown so much since they arrived. Other people are taking notice of the changes. Team building is a big thing that we try to work on with the kids. Today when we ran the O.C., Elijah Vanderzouwen was back flag and Faith Litchfield had the honor of being “front flag”. She was NOT thrilled about this because she didn’t think she would be fast enough. It turned out to be a blessing for her and for the whole team because they had to run the whole O.C. as a team staying together. They were cheering each other on and saying wonderful encouraging words at the end. They have also enjoyed music classes which help them prepare a presentation for the field and Debrief. Please keep praying for our kids as they learn the lesson of the “grace card”.
Ester Lee – I really enjoyed the music class that Ms. Natalie, Ms. Emily and Mrs. Allie teach us. I like the song “He Has Made Me Glad”, “You Are Holy” and “Lord Reign In Me”.  My favorite song that we are singing is “You Are Holy”!  I am looking forward to going to Arizona to the churches and singing the songs that we learned.
Angel Leonhard – Before I came to Boot Camp here at Teen Missions, I went to a different camp. At the other camp I reaccepted Christ as my Savior.  Since then, when I cam to Boot Camp, I have been so, so happy. My favorite things are Rally and working together as a team. I am looking forward to seeing my dad at Commissioning then heading on to Arizona with my team!




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  1. Wonderful! Great update! Praying for you all!

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