The Honduras Team Is Working Hard

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We are happy to report that work is coming along. We are pouring the concrete in the forms and working on the trusses. We have also put in new window frames and doors on some of the houses. It is quite a task to keep 22 team members working on one project, so I have bought some paint and we will make the outside of the houses look good as well. The team is tired but are doing well. Moms and Dads should know that your children are capable of hard work so when they get home they can help you with the next renovation project. Spirits are high and are looking forward to next week’s evangelism outreaches. One of the classes we have is called GG’s (Gods gentlemen or Grubby to Grace). These classes are geared towards distractions or issues that are gender specific. On Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays we break up into our guy groups and girls groups to talk about these issues. They really seem to enjoy these times to talk about the hard issues and have showed lots of participation in the discussions. We are happy to see God moving in their lives. Some of these young adults have come with some heavy baggage and us as leaders are privileged to be apart of the healing process. God is powerful and I am excited to see what is next for each individual team member. May the Lord bless you.
Mikayla Deemy – This summer I was excited about going and doing God’s will for eight weeks! As soon as I arrived at Boot Camp, It really hit me exactly how long eight weeks was. This was really hard for me to overcome, but God helped me through. Now we only have four more weeks and I am excited to see what else God has in store for me through this trip.
Hannah Ott – Since we have been in Honduras, I have been amazed at the love and generosity of these kids we encounter.  Every time we go to a soccer field or school we are surrounded by children with smiling faces. I am so happy that we get to share with them the love of Christ, which brings true happiness.

Alicia Allen – While at Boot Camp, I received a letter that a family member was killed in a car accident. It is difficult to deal with a death no matter where you are, but when your at Boot Camp you’re cut off from your family and friends who are usually the ones who comfort you in those situations. My teammates really showed me that they cared for me. God gave me an awesome team and they showed God’s love through their compassion.

Ryan Nicholls – So far, my time here in Honduras has been amazing! We have been going to soccer fields and sharing the love of God with the kids. We will play a game, do our presentation, and play another soccer game. So far over 500 people have come to know Jesus Christ as their personal Lord and Savior. It has been so touching when an entire group of kids come up to receive the gift of Jesus.

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  1. Was especially great to hear from our daughter, Hannah! So thankful for their awesome leaders and obvious love for her teammates. Kepp up the good work! We are praying! Jan Ott

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