Zambia Eyeglass and Medical — Teen Trip

Zambia Missions Trips2012_Cameroon_USTeam_032You will change the lives of many who, after being fitted with eyeglasses, will see clearly for the first time. You will receive training in how to fit individuals with proper reading glasses and to assist the facilitators with daily medical treatments at our AIDS Orphans Rescue Units (AORU). Following Boot Camp, you bus to Orlando International Airport for a flight to Washington D.C. A connecting flight takes you across the Atlantic Ocean, France, the Mediterranean Sea and the Sahara Desert to Addis Ababa, the capital of Ethiopia. You then fly to Ndola, Zambia, home of the Teen Missions Bible, Missionary & Work Training Center in Zambia. You will travel to various AORU locations and local schools to hold eyeglass/medical clinics. Other projects you will be involved in are teaching Sunday school classes and playing games with the orphans. Housing will be in tents; bathing and laundry are done using a bucket. Practical work projects at the Units may include building a toilet block. A trip is planned to Victoria Falls, one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World, discovered by David Livingstone in 1855. You will enjoy viewing these beautiful waterfalls, known as the “Smoke that Thunders”. Wood carvings, batiks, drums and jewelry are just a few of the souvenirs available for you to purchase before returning home.

Project Expense: $4990 U.S. plus $30 Registration Fee

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  1. Does this team have any spots open to girls?

  2. So there is no chance for me to be attacked?

    • Cody, You have just as good of a chance of being attacked here in the US. We will not knowingly put you in a unsafe environment.

  3. Is there any dangerous wildlife I should be worried about while I sleep in my tent? (my mom wants to know)

  4. We just signed up my son online. He is hoping to be on a team with some friends who are also signing up. What is TMI’s policy on this and how do we indicate who his friends are that he wants to stay with?

    • Rex, That team is closed to girls, but still open to boys. The others need to get in their registrations this week. Depending on the number registering, there may or may not be room for all of them. The will probably not tent or room together as we want them to get to know everyone on the team.

      • We wholly support mixing the teens up to encourage building relationships and unity. However since one of our son’s friends is a girl, is it possible for him to switch to a team that still has room for girls? Or might switch to another team with a guy friend of his? (My husband,sister,daughter,niece,nephew,myself and others all went on teams knowing no one when we left, so I know it is not necessary to be with a buddy.)

        • Melissa, Yes, he can switch. However, since the packet has been printed and mailed out, there will be a $30 switch fee.

          • You are amazing! I can’t believe how fast you reply, and I l appreciate the succinct clarity of your replies. Thank you for ministering to kids AND their parents,

          • Melissa, THANKS!!! Sometimes I aim to please! 🙂

  5. Will we receive a packing list when it gets closer to time of the trip? Is there a certain place you recommend us ordering our boots? Do they sell girls boots with Teen Missions Requirements? Or do we just buy guys boots?

    Thank you,
    Kayla Holley

  6. Where is the bootcamp held in Florida?

  7. Are there any spots left on this team?

    • Tina, There is still room for boys. You can go ahead and sign up and put this as your first choice, but make sure you put other choices and then in the comment section, write “put on waiting list”. You would be first on the list, so you should get on, but it may be later in the spring.

  8. Dear Mrs. Kostner, I went to Russia last year and I was wondering if their were still spots on this team. I am feeling lead to go here.

  9. Is there still space on this team? And if so, do you know about how quickly it will fill up?

  10. Are there still spots open on this trip? Thanks!

  11. Hi. I would really love to come on this trip, but June 7th is the day of my graduation ceremony. Would there be any way for me to come a day later? Thanks.

    • Reid, As long as it is high school graduation, we will allow you to come early the next day (first flight out). There will be a $30 charge to pick you up late.

  12. Are there still openings for this trip?

  13. How many spots are there left on this team?

  14. Hey Beth! Is Zambia going to be considerably hot during the stay there? Thanks!

  15. Are there any trips that 19 y/o can participate in? Are they old enough to be leaders or assistant leaders? Thanks!

    • Hannah, There are many 19 year olds that go on our trips. Unless you turn 20 before or during the trip, you cannot go as a leader (unless you are a former team member).

  16. How do you know what your computer ID number is?

  17. Ok, so i know this may sound bad but please be patient. My daughter is interested in this and the other missions trip to the same camp BUT i am really concerned about #1 her going to Africa and #2 her working at an AIDS orphanage. Both of those things really scare me. How can you assure me that she will be safe in such a volitile area and within such a contagious population? And please do not just tell me to trust in God because that part i alread know . It’s the particulars and safeguards teen missions has in place i would like to know about.

    • Dora, Zambia is one of the safest countries in Africa at this time. In fact, the countries in Africa that we are going to are very safe (Malawi, Zambia, Madagascar & Uganda). We have staff (American staff in Malawi and Zambia) and they will not hesitate to let us know if they do not feel it is safe. If there are any problems before the team travels, we will not hesitate to switch them. I was scheduled to go to Kenya one summer and we were switched the day we flew due to some rioting in Nairobi! These kids are Aids orphans. Most of the kids don’t have AIDS, but their parents may have died of it. However, we do have the kids wear gloves when exposed to sores, etc. in treating the kids. Fitting the eyeglasses will not be an issue with AIDS transmission. However, they will not wear gloves when playing with the kids.

  18. A weird question,but are the airplanes in Africa that will take us to Ndola the same as the ones in like America? I’ve heard scary stories about some.

    • Ellie, Those same planes fly to America. You usually leave America on an African airlines, so they have to meet our “standards”. You are probably thinking of the “smaller” in-country airlines.

  19. How many eyeglass clinics do you usually hold on this trip?

  20. Just a one more question…What if I’m currently looking for a new church? How would I finishe the registration process without that info?

  21. Will the majority of the trip be doing the eyeglasses? Will we be doing a lot of the eyeglasses or just a couple clinics and other doing things like construction? What about the Cameroon foot washing trip (same question)?

    • Sara, Usually the team is split up when doing eyeglass/medical or foot washing. Some wash the feet, some get the shoes, some help organize everyone, some play games and some may teach phonics. If there is a small construction project and there is time, the team may also participate in that. “Many hands make little work” and this can be such a blessing to those who serve in remote areas.

  22. If I’m 19 can I still participate in this trip? Also, if the Lord chooses to not provide me with the funds needed for this trip in time, resulting in my not being able to come, will I be messing things up for you by having moved forward anyway and registering for the trip?

    • Victoria, We call everyone before the final booking of the airlines. At that point, you can switch to a cheaper team.

  23. Is this 2 months? Or are there other 1 month long trips? I am going into grade 10 now and my school doesn’t end until June 28

  24. how old do you have to be to help?

  25. This team looks exciting.. I’ve always wanted to do mission work in the medical area.. How can I sign up? And I’m living in Puerto Rico (Caribbean) so how can this work for me? And how am I supposed to make the payments, etc?

    • Sochi, You can sign up online. We will mail you the packet and support will be sent to you and then you will send it to us. We have had team members from Puerto Rico attend before.

  26. I have signed up for the 2014 team. Looking forward to seeing what God has in store.

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