Belize Has Arrived Safely

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 As Boot Camp drew to a close, the excitement of the Preteens in our Belize trip began to build until by Commissioning night they were exstatic. As they filed to the busses, smiles shining as brightly as the lit candles they held. They were all relieved that Boot Camp was over and looking forward to a much-needed refresher time in the airport. Once there, although their bellies were full of pizza and sugary goodies from their parents, they took a nice relaxing sleep with the air conditioning after calling home. Although it was relaxing, it had to be short. Bleary eyed and yawning, it was up bright and early at 4:00 AM to get all the duffle bags and Preteens thru checkin and security. It was thanks to Caleb ., B.J. , Josh, Nathan . and Jordan  and all the rest that all the duffles made it up to the checkout area. When we were at the airport we had a very nice quiet section all to ourselves, but it was on the 1st floor and the checkout was on the 3rd. We all made it through the security check and then onto the plane. It was a hop, skip and jump to Miami and then onto Belize. Then, before we knew it, we were in Belize. After customs and getting all all duffels checked, we got on the bus to Honey Camp. We laughed and sang and some slept. After getting settled in and unpacked in the afternoon, everyone finally settled down for some much-needed sleep on a “REAL” bed and mattress in a very nice “DRY” dorm rooms. Looking forward to all the great things the Lord has planned for us.
Nathan C. – Commissioning night was good. We had a pizza party when we got to the airport in Orlando. We flew to Belize and took a long bus ride to the base. The base has three dogs and three cats. It is pretty nice down here.





  1. So good to hear from the team. We are all excited to see what God has in store for these amazing young people. Prayers are lifted daily for you.

  2. Thank you for the word and pictures of the young missionaries. Blessing to this Belize Team.

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