Scotland Is Having A Great Time In Indiana!

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Hi Everyone! As most of you know by now, we were not allowed to stay in the United Kingdom which has resulted in us returning to the States. The past week has been very busy but enjoyable as we redirected our team to a new assignment a little closer to home. Last Monday we traveled from Glasgow back to Orlando and then on to Teen Missions Headquarters. We were housed in air-conditioned staff housing for several days while we recuperated and waited for our partner team, Indiana, to commission from Super Boot Camp. While in Florida our team took the opportunity to visit a local beach for the day and do a bit of shopping to stock up on essential items. On Thursday night we joined the Boot Camp rally one more time to cheer on our project partners as they headed out from Boot Camp. Early Friday we all boarded a classic TMI bus and headed north to Indiana. The trip was a lot of fun, and a great opportunity for our teams to get to know each other and fellowship. Steve and Gaye Peterson, the leaders of the Indiana Team, drove us up safely without any incident. I was very excited to be paired with Steve for this trip as he was my first head leader when I went with TMI to Africa in the 90’s.

Saturday afternoon we arrived at our destination in Evansville, Indiana, where we were welcomed by TTT Ministries, the organization we will be partnering with in evangelism for the next three weeks. On Saturday night, we participated in a teen rally and water fight followed by a Gospel message. Starting Monday we will be sending teams to several county and state fairs where TTT has booths set up offering passers by a cool drink of water and an even more refreshing taste of the Gospel. While here we will also be helping them with a few work projects on their campus.

Sunday morning our team was hosted by the ScottsBoro Baptist Church where we given the stage to present music and testimonies as well as a little drama, after which we were blessed by a BBQ lunch put on for us by the church. After lunch they blessed us with gifts of straw hats and bandanas to prepare us for fitting at the fair. There were many compliments for our teens for their strong witness, positive demeanors and excellent musical ability.

It truly has been a busy week as our team has had to shift gears several times from one plan to another. Despite this, the team has maintained a very high level of morale even with the disappointment of having to leave Scotland early, demonstrating the high level of maturity present in our team members. Of course everyone has struggled with discouragement at times, but as a group we have maintained an awesome sense of God’s calling as each teen seems willing to accept whatever God has in plan for us. Please pray for each individual teen—for their continued encouragement and attitude as we enter into a new battlefield of ministry. I am certain that God has called our specific team here to win disciples in a way that only our team of highland warriors could. Blessings?

*For those of you with specific questions about the team, I am unable to accept calls at this time. Please contact our head office. Parents – All communication needs to come through the Teen Missions’ office.



  1. Thank you for the update. So excited to hear about the success that the Indiana team is having. Is Scotland have the same type of success sharing God’s love? Can’t wait to hear about the individual team members experiences. Thank you again and I didnt realize anyone was able to contact you directly. I will continue to check website for updates or call the main office. We will continue to pray for both teams to have a wonderful experience with T.T.T. ministries,.

  2. So nice to have an update! PTL that you all arrived safely and are doing the will of The Lord. Can’t wait for another update and letters to arrive home. Our church is praying for many lives to be impacted.

  3. Hello Indiana team!!!

    Praise the LORD you have all arrived safe. You are going to have a great time this summer. Just allow the LORD to work in your hearts and you will be amazed at the things He will teach you.

    Greetings to the Petersen’s. How we loooooongg to be with you again. But alas our Russia days are but a memory.

    Hey Ben… I wrote at Boot Camp but I have a feeling it did not arrive. You have wonderful leaders. Listen to all their advice and instructions. They can surely say, been there, done that. Your parents had an anniversary celebration and posted pictures. Our daughters, Rebecca and Hollie were so small. We visited with Grandpa Harris and Jan yesterday. They are so happy to know you are in Indiana and just going on a TMI team. They were in a car accident 2 weeks ago and suffering from the soreness that the air bags delivered but so grateful they are alive.

    We are in Seattle right now visiting with our son and family. We’re having a blast. The weather is nice, not too hot.

    Just letting you know we are thinking of you and praying for a fabulous summer for the entire team. Don’t let Timmy or Faithie boss you around too much. Love you, Uncle Eivind and Auntie Carol

  4. So very very proud of this team! Very happy about how TMI has responded and guided/moved forward. Thank you so very much for the update- I appreciate them very much. Will continue to pray!!

  5. Great information! So good to hear that the team is doing well through all of the struggles. I believe this team is a special one and that God has great plans for these teens both with TMI and in their futures. This experience will be a memory that none will forget and that will be a source of strength for them in times to come. Thanks for the update. Prayers continue while the team is doing God’s will in Indiana. Scatter and be Salt and Light.

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