The Adventures Of The Vanuatu Team

Vanuatu 7:8
Greetings from the tropical South Pacific. Over the weekend we had an opportunity to take an hour long muddy hike to one of the secluded mountain villages here on Pentecost. Almost no one spoke English there, which is quite rare since nearly everyone we have worked with so far speaks English quite well. In fact, it’s been a blessing to not have to work through a translator. However, this village was a different story, and Silas Buli translated for us as we did one of our presentations for the children there. We used puppets for the first time there, and the kids absolutely loved it. We then took a short hike to the nearby twin waterfalls (something that is not in short supply here) and managed to get a short swim in before hiking back down. On Sunday we visited a new church just south of here, and pretty much ran the whole service. Afterwards, the team had a very special time of singing and playing with the children there, which was some of our first quality interaction with the locals here, as our building project has taken up quite a bit of our time.
We began putting the metal roof on today, but the work was on and off as showers moved through the area. Despite that, we expect the entire building finished before leaving Vanuatu.
Sara Davis, Joel Harbin, and Sarah Morris all shared their testimonies in team devotions the past week, and it was encouraging to the team to learn how the Lord has worked through some of the trials in their lives. To top it all off, we had some delicious eggplant parmesan last night, courtesy of Codah Conway!

The team is awesome and I am so happy that God has put me here. We all work together so well, and I have enjoyed watching the progress I am seeing on the work site. God is really showing His presence to me here – Israel Verduyn

Coming here I expected to have a hard time adjusting to life on the mission field, but God has helped me adjust easily and the time I’ve spent here has been incredible. Sunday we went to a small church and after we stayed awhile and sang songs with the children. To be singing and praising God with those kids was one of the most amazing things I’ve ever experienced – Ali Davis




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